Francesco Renga on Instagram with Jolanda's advice: Ambra comments

Francesco Renga on Instagram with Jolanda's advice: Ambra comments

Francesco Renga publishes a funny video shot by Jolanda on Instagram and the ex Ambra Angiolini comments

Ambra Angiolini: life, career and loves of the actress

Francesco Renga posts on Instagram a short clip shot with the advice of his daughter Jolanda and Ambra Angiolini comments. The singer and actress lived an intense love story, marked by the birth of two children: Jolanda and Leonardo.

The link, which came to an end in 2015 after about ten years, has never been completely broken. In fact, Ambra chose to stay and live next to her former partner for the sake of the children and the two remained friends. It is no coincidence that Angiolini is one of the many fans who commented on Renga's latest video. "My daughter forced me to post this thing – wrote Francesco, publishing a video in which she jumps in a suit – she says that I always take the same photos, and that you want to see me even like this, dressed as a fool while I jump like ap *** to leaving the house to go for a walk, with Leo's suit … Could it be true?!? You tell me! Yolanda happy now ?! ”.

Many fans commented on the clip, but above all Ambra Angiolini. "Miss Italy continues for you," wrote the actress, adding a laughing face. A short time ago, as a guest of Verissimo, Renga spoke of the former partner and the choice to remain united for the sake of the children: "I live according to them, I go to get them, I take them, and in fact they are always in the car! – he confided -. Amber and I get along well, we are very well. Loving each other, love and respect have never been questioned. We have always put family and our children at the center. I felt it even before coming here! When we get angry with our children we always tell each other ”.

Today Renga is linked to Diana Poloni, while Ambra is in love with Massimiliano Allegri. After the separation, Angiolini chose to stay and live in Brescia and the former partner became her neighbor. An important decision, made to protect Jolanda and Leonardo, both very close to their parents.

Francesco Renga's post

Francesco Renga's post

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