Francesco Totti confesses to Maria De Filippi and Costanzo: "They would never betray me"

Photo of Chanel on the cover, Francesco Totti's reaction: "There will be consequences"

Francesco Totti reveals the bond with Maria De Filippi and Costanzo and tells a background on their relationship

Francesco Totti confesses to Maria De Filippi and Maurizio Costanzo, describing the relationship with the two conductors and the important role they played in his life. Not only Ilary Blasi, the existence of the former Roma captain was marked by other key figures. He himself told it in a long interview with Vanity Fair, confessions that arrived shortly before the announcement of the death of father Enzo to whom he was very attached. A very painful mourning for the whole Totti family, which Francesco is facing surrounded by the affection of his wife, children Chanel, Cristian and Isabel, brother Riccardo and mother Fiorella.

If the Sheriff, as his beloved dad called him, was a very important figure in his life and football career, Totti also had other people beside him. Among them Maurizio Costanzo and Maria De Filippi. The former footballer explained that they would be the ones who advised Totti to use irony in the most difficult situations. “For years, hearing so many false things about me made me suffer. There were times when to deny the lies they told in the newspapers, on the radio or on TV, I would have gone to war. I am touchy. As they say in Rome, a rosicone ”.

Everything would change after a long chat with Costanzo and De Filippi. “Two people who would never betray me – he explained -. They were good at making me understand that I could only benefit from a different attitude towards pressure. I listened to him and I'm not saying that my life has changed since that day, but almost ”.

“I'm not self-centered – added Totti, speaking of himself -. I'm not someone who likes to talk, who dreams of appearing or who craves to be in front of the camera like so many others. I prefer to take three steps back, hide, disappear if possible. Because with me there was always a risk. I like to joke, be ironic and play down, but behind a joke there is often the truth. And the truth was sometimes better not to express it. Saying what I knew, or what I thought, would create problems. I would have done only damage: to myself and to society. I preferred to avoid ”.

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