Francesco Totti, farewell to dad: "The 10 worst days of my life"


Francesco Totti says goodbye to his father with a moving post on Instagram, where he remembers his happiness and expresses the pain of not being close to him in the last days of his life

He must have been a very nice person, Enzo Totti. Always cheerful, smiling, many remember him entering the Roma locker room with sandwiches for his son and teammates. Just as many portray him as a jovial man, a joke ready for everyone. "The sheriff" his friends called him and this is how Francesco greets him, in a long and moving post on his Instagram account, where he breaks the silence from the day of the news of his death, and tells of his pain as a son and above all the sadness for not to have been able to be with him, due to the COVID situation, in his last days of life, in the hospital.

Hi dad, I spent the worst 10 days of my life knowing that you were there "alone" fighting against evil and not being able to see, speak, hug, hold you, I would have done anything to be there next to you. Now my life will be different, because I grew up with important values ​​and that's why I want to thank you dad, for everything you have done for me, for making me a strong and courageous man, I will always love you my dad !! I wish I could still hear your voice, I miss the laughs we used to make, I miss your smile, your eyes, I miss seeing you on the sofa watching TV. I have to say sorry and thank you … Sorry for all the times I didn't understand, for all the times I didn't tell you TVB, sorry for the missed hugs, for the unspoken words, for the mistakes I made, but above all thanks because you have been a father and you will never stop being one. Without you I would never have made it, even if you are no longer with us your memory and your smile will never be forgotten !!!! You had so many friends who loved you, because you had something different, you were always present, always available, you were everyone's friend, you were and you are my pride "(I hope I was too for you)" 🙏! !!!!! Today more than ever I have realized how important you have been in my life, and for the next few years I will keep these precious memories in my heart. Hi dad… indeed… hi sheriff… ..have a good trip ❤️❤️ your Francesco

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