Free pediatric visits from 2 to 4 December: how to book

Free pediatric visits from 2 to 4 December: how to book

The "Nativity, pediatrics meets family" initiative is aimed at all families, especially the less well-off, to give them the opportunity to access specialist visits

From Friday 2 to Sunday 4 December there is one of the most important events in Italian pediatrics, "Nativity, pediatrics meets family": free consultations in Bari. The intent of the initiative is to meet the poorest families by giving them the possibility of using specialized pediatric consultations at no cost.

In a time of crisis like the one we are experiencing, more and more parents are giving up specialist visits to the pediatrician. In these three days, on the other hand, they will be able to access it by following this simple procedure. Just log on to, click on "Book your pediatric consultation" and follow the instructions; once the reservation is made you will receive a confirmation email which will be followed by a further communication a few days before the event. If it is no longer possible to book, you can send an email to [email protected], indicating your contacts. The name will be included in a waiting list.

The event will be held in Villa Romanazzi Carducci, Via G. Capruzzi 326 in Bari. The medical activity will be coordinated by Professor Vito Leonardo Miniello, medical director at the Giovanni XXIII hospital in Bari, assisted by the best pediatric specialists of the Puglia Region.

As stated on the initiative's Facebook page:

In a society mediated by smartphones and tablets, where feelings and emotional needs are projected on social networks and compressed communication in 140 characters, "Nativity, Pediatrics meets the Family" has the ambition to generate a new contact, a close encounter between doctor and parents, grandparents and brothers placing the child, his rights, his needs, his health at the center of the dialogue. A choral appointment that brings the family together during three days dedicated to knowledge and prevention. Nativity, beyond the undoubted medical-social value, wants to be the occasion to reaffirm the indispensable role played by the family for the future and the well-being of children.

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