Free visits to more than 200 hospitals for Women's Health Day

Women's Day: ideas for an alternative March 8th

Many initiatives: visits to hospitals and clinics, pharmacies and also in Rome to the site where the work of the first National Women's Health Day takes place

Almost 250 hospitals throughout Italy will open their doors from 22 to 28 April with completely free visits and clinical consultations on the occasion of the first National Women's Health Day on 22 April. The structures will be easily identifiable thanks to the "Pink Stamp", symbol of the women's-friendly initiative promoted by Onda with the patronage of 19 Scientific Societies and Associations.

"From today on the website you can find the list of services offered by the participating hospitals and the booking methods – reads a note -. The (H) Open Week initiative celebrates the first national day dedicated to women's health, established by Minister Lorenzin, on 22 April. The initiative enjoys the patronage of numerous scientific societies and patient associations. "

During the week, particular attention will be paid to raising awareness, prevention and treatment of the main female diseases: "Improving women's access to the National Health Service, promoting information on the various female diseases to ensure progress in gender medicine among the objectives of the 248 hospitals with the Bollini Rosa ”, explains Francesca Merzagora, President of Onda.

The specialist areas involved are practically all. They range from diabetology to dietology and nutrition, from endocrinology to gynecology and obstetrics, passing through cardiovascular diseases, metabolic bone pathologies, neurological and oncological ones. There is also space for rheumatology, senology and support for women victims of violence.

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