French fries, what do you risk if you eat too many

French fries, what do you risk if you eat too many

What happens to french fries when you eat too many? Here's what happens in our body (and the risks)

Tasty and tasty, French fries are a sin of gluttony that so many love to indulge in: but what risks do you take if you eat too many?

Numerous scientific studies have dealt with this subject, arriving at very disconcerting conclusions. Above all it is the frozen fries, ready to be tasted, fragrant and delicious, but terribly dangerous. This is revealed by a study by the American Chemical Society that has accused this product in the past that would not only increase the risk of cancer, but also create dependence.

To make frozen french fries dangerous would be the double cooking process, which would lead to the formation of carcinogens, in particular acrylamide, a toxic substance often accused by experts. The situation does not improve with regards to home-made french fries which, if they are slightly healthier than the previous ones, are nevertheless harmful to health.

Eating too many fries, a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reveals, increases the risk of mortality, especially if we do it more than twice a week. What is the solution then? Never eating french fries would be the right choice, but it is often difficult to give up such delicious and inviting food, even if we know it is bad.

On this point, scientists have identified the ideal portion of French fries to preserve health, not to put on weight and enjoy life. Eric Rimm, nutrition expert at Harvard University, interviewed by the New York Times revealed the right amount of chips that can be eaten to avoid harming one's health.

When we take this food, the starches are transformed into sugars and enter the bloodstream very quickly. The scholar's advice is to consume a salad, accompanied by a maximum portion of six chips. Taking only this amount, you can enjoy the goodness of the French fries, but without dealing with the side effects (very dangerous) for health.

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