French protein diet: you lose 5 pounds

French protein diet: you lose 5 pounds

With the French diet you lose up to 5 kg without renouncing the pleasures of the table, staying in shape like women from beyond the Alps

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Losing 5 pounds and getting back into shape by eating is possible thanks to the French protein diet.

This food regime starts with a question: how can the French be so thin? In fact, some statistics have revealed that women across the Alps are able to stay in shape without any apparent effort, all thanks to a varied and balanced diet that has proteins as its protagonists.

The French diet is based on some fundamental rules that consist of losing weight and showing off a dry body without giving up the pleasures of the table. The first pillar of this diet is that of not giving up anything. The secret to being thin is not to deprive yourself of something and give up, but reduce portions. Small quantities, slow chewing and a conscious choice of products, allow you to lose weight in a balanced way without "suffering".

Water also plays a key role in the French diet. It should in fact be consumed from the early hours of the morning throughout the day to ensure proper hydration. This does not mean that alcohol is banned. They can be consumed, but only during meals and at the most a glass of wine.

How does the French diet work? The menu is made by mixing protein, fruit and vegetables. The latter must always be in season and at km 0. The French, for example, do not consume winter tomatoes, because they know very well that this is not the season of maturation. They also do not like snacks, processed products and ready meals. The protagonists of the French diet are fresh and often raw foods, to fill up on nutrients. Plenty of space for fish and lean meat, but also for cheeses, eggs and homemade bread.

The day begins with two slices of toasted wholemeal bread with jam, accompanied by a cup of green tea or an omelette with prosciutto. At lunch enjoy a soup of mussels and clams with tomato, while at dinner you can enjoy grilled chicken breast with Greek yogurt sauce and salad.

The high-protein French diet allows you to lose up to 5 kg. In any case, before starting to follow this diet it is essential to contact your doctor for more information and advice.

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