Friends 20, possible loves and news from Maria De Filippi: previews

Maria De Filippi

Possible loves and a special guest wanted by Maria De Filippi: the previews of the second episode of "Amici 20"

Possible new loves and the news of Maria De Filippi: the previews of the next episode of Amici 20 promise sparks. Saturday 28 November the second episode of the most famous talent on TV will be broadcast. According to the first news leaked from the recordings, the appointment will be full of tension with various challenges and the children who will test themselves to defend their place in the school.

The first challenge on stage that between Leonardo Lamacchia and Gregory, wanted by Arisa. Leonardo managed to pass the test, keeping his bench at Amici. It did not go well instead for Giulio Mosca, who was forced to abandon his sweatshirt which was passed on to another student: Deddy. After the challenges, the competitors presented themselves in front of the professors who can confirm or not the bench.

Problems also for Arianna: her performance was not judged sufficient by Rudy Zerbi. However, the record company has not eliminated it, but has decided to suspend its judgment. Maria De Filippi then surprised everyone, inviting an American music producer who spoke via video call. The record company appreciated Evandro and Leonardo very much, while he stated that he would not produce an Arianna or Esa record.

Among the singers, Kika managed to convince Arisa, while Evandro refused to sing a song after a fight with Rudy Zerbi. As for the dancers, a challenge has now arisen between Alessandra Celentano and Lorella Cuccarini regarding Rosa. In fact, the two dance teachers of Amici 20 seem to have very different ideas regarding the students of the school and already in the first episode some disagreements were born. In fact, Adriano Celentano's niece does not seem to particularly appreciate the dancer Rosa who, during the week, let off steam, struck by his words. In the meantime, first loves are already being born in the school of Maria De Filippi. Martina and Aka7even appeared ever closer, between confidences and pampering, while Esa revealed that he was very attracted to the dancer Giulia Stabile.

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