Friends 2020, Arisa tells herself: "I tried twice to enter the school"

Friends 2020, Arisa tells herself: "I tried twice to enter the school"

Today she is a singing teacher, but as a young girl Arisa tried on several occasions to enter "Amici" as a student

Arisa: from short to shaved, to wig. The thousand changes of look

New in the latest edition of Amici is the presence of Arisa as a singing teacher, a role in which she seems to be perfectly at ease. The artist, however, had already tried to become part of the most loved school in Italy – in quite different guises, of course.

It was Arisa who revealed, in a long interview with the weekly Chi, that she put her talent to the test when, as a young girl, she participated in the casting of Amici. “I had tried it as a child. But, I say without problems, I was not ready. I tried it when I was about 16. And also another time at 17, I think "- explained the singer -" However, on one occasion I had pigtails and on another I had pink hair ". In short, the years go by but the passion for a slightly bizarre look has never failed.

Now Arisa has entered Amici 2020 from the main door: she, together with Lorella Cuccarini, is the biggest novelty of this edition. He took the place of Stash Fiordispino, who apparently decided to take some time to devote to his family – his girlfriend Giulia will soon give birth to their baby girl. In short, Maria De Filippi has assigned the singer a very important and delicate role.

In this regard, the new singing teacher confessed: “I feel very proud of the fact that she entrusted me with her boys, knowing how much she cares about them. And I don't want to disappoint anyone, neither them, nor myself, nor her ”. Then, on his relationship with De Filippi, he added: “Maria does not need the strength to be respected: you esteem and respect her because she deserves it. I would like him to love me a little, because I love him so much ".

During the long chat, on the pages of the magazine, Arisa unbuttoned herself a bit about her private life. He told of the great suffering he felt for his mother, who had two tumors: "Now she is better, but she remains a fragile person". From the great tenacity of her mother she learned a great lesson, but it is from the solid bond that still lives between her parents that she discovered what true love is.

"The only reason I still believe it is because I see my parents. From mom and dad I learned that, in the most difficult moments, true love comes out "- explained Arisa -" And I say this even though I am and remain super single ".

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