Friends 2020, Costanzo criticizes Celentano after the dispute with Maria

Friends 2020, Costanzo criticizes Celentano after the dispute with Maria

After Amici 2020, Costanzo reveals what he thinks of Celentano and Steve La Chance also intervenes

Maurizio Costanzo and Steve La Chance, former teacher of Amici, criticize Alessandra Celentano. In recent weeks, Molleggiato's granddaughter has been at the center of heated clashes in the study of the talent show, also making Maria De Filippi angry. All because of his rather harsh judgments about Vanessa Incontrada, judge of the broadcast, defined as "incompetent" because of her votes given to Javier, Valentin and Nicolai.

Because of her words, Celentano quarreled first with De Filippi, then with Luciano Cannito, choreographer and partner of Rossella Brescia. A behavior that even Costanzo did not like, who again criticized the teacher of Amici 2020 on the pages. "Seeing two ladies who fight on the small screen is never a good example for the public – he said in his column on New, answering a viewer 's question -. The accusations of the actress Vanessa Incontrada by Alessandra Celentano have been seen by many young people: certainly it is not good to teach intolerance and not even that criticism is taken as a reason for confrontation and not for possible improvement and growth ".

Despite his harsh judgment, Costanzo nevertheless partially justified Celentano. “But the dynamics of the talent are also these – he clarified -, it happens especially to Celentano to clash with the other teachers and judges, as she also did with the choreographer Luciano Cannito. It's part of her. "

Steve La Chance, who for years has been a very important element of the broadcast, also spoke about the behavior of the Amici 2020 teacher. “You can have an opinion – he explained on the dispute with Cannito -, but someone is not told that he is not competent or that he is nobody, when he has a long curriculum behind him. He called me ignorant of the sector, in my day it had never gone so far. If I had seen such a scene as a parent, I would have changed the channel, I don't think it is creative to witness quarrels that create anxiety in the family ".

The choreographer did not hesitate to criticize also the transmission of Maria De Filippi which would have changed a lot over the years. “Most of the professionals I know in the sector look at Amici much less than before – he revealed -. I don't miss friends and everything has changed since I worked there. "

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