Friends 2020, first couple in school: it's love between Martina and Aka7even

Amici 2020, prima coppia nella scuola: è amore tra Martina e Aka7even

Love (and jealousy) breaks out between Martina and Aka7even, in the school of "Amici 2020"

The most attentive had already noticed it in the very first days, but now it is no longer possible to hide it: in the school of Amici 2020 the first couple was born, formed by Martina Miliddi and Aka7even. Love broke out between the two, and there was even time for some little spark of jealousy.

Martina is one of the young protagonists of this edition of Amici, a very talented dancer who has a difficult past behind her – so much so that she moved Lorella Cuccarini, her coach. In the little house she immediately bonded with Luca Marzano, the singer known by his stage name Aka7even. A complicity was born between them that soon aroused some suspicion, finally confirmed: on the daytime of Monday 14 December, the two exchanged words of love that leave no room for doubt.

To tell the truth, it all started because of a little argument. In recent days a new singer has made her entrance to Amici, snatching the bank from Letizia Bertoldi: we are talking about Enula Bareggi, who has joined Rudy Zerbi's team. To impress her new companions, the young woman performed a medley of their songs, leaving them all surprised. And Martina noted how this little trick has aroused Aka7even's interest, arousing a jealousy in her.

The two lovers then had a clarification, finding a few minutes just for them on a somewhat secluded sofa. Miliddi gave vent to her feelings, explaining what she had felt seeing Enula and Aka7even exchanging strange looks: "He looked at you and you smiled, my feeling is that you were embarrassed". The singer immediately justified himself, stating that he was only amazed by the fact that the newcomer knew his song.

And then, as they were tight in a tender embrace, came the sweet words that all the fans were waiting for: “How am I supposed to let you know it's just you? I'm fine with you, I'm looking for you because I'm fine. And I'm looking for you because I'm in love ". Martina, excited as ever, asked him if he was sure of these statements, and Aka7even did not let himself be asked to confirm them: "It's not that I'm sure, I'll put my hand on the fire".

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