Friends 2020, Maria De Filippi talks about the dispute with Celentano: "He made a mistake"

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Maria De Filippi confesses on the dispute with Alessandra Celentano to Amici 2020

Friends, all the loves born in the school of Maria De Filippi

Maria De Filippi tells in a long interview the adventure of Amici 2020, also talking about the quarrels with Alessandra Celentano that broke out during some episodes. The evening of the show was not at all easy for the presenter who found herself facing numerous problems and clashes. First the discussions between the judges – Vanessa Incontrada and Gabry Ponte – with the professors, then the controversy sparked by the dancers Javier and Nicolai.

Among the hardest moments of the program there was a heated clash between De Filippi and Valentin, who shortly after left Amici 2020. Followed by a dispute between Maria and Alessandra Celentano. "The discussions between you and me are not new – explained the presenter to Corriere della Sera -, both on the air and behind the scenes, and her encouraging Javier to leave the program was wrong. I think that Alessandra is sometimes too "egorified", she doesn't look at the situation in saying things: I love her, but I don't like this aspect ".

The presenter then revealed the difficulties encountered in conducting a broadcast without an audience. In fact, De Filippi initially did not want to continue airing. Part of me said he didn't want to air – he admitted -. It was very tiring: you spend time talking about something else, wait for the civil protection bulletin, you are surrounded by cameramen with masks, the dancers keep their distance and don't touch each other; and then suddenly you find yourself judging songs and dance pictures. I'm not saying that I experienced it with a sense of strangeness, but it was definitely something profoundly different "

“In the end, however, in agreement with Pier Silvio Berlusconi, I convinced myself that moving forward was the right choice – concluded Maria De Filippi -: he explained to me that for Mediaset it was important to have an alternative to information, that there was a need even on TV of that normalcy that suddenly passed away ".

"It's all strange, particular, you seem to be making a perennial test, the only difference when the episode begins is that you are wearing make-up – said Maurizio Costanzo's wife -. But I think that these direct events suspended in time have brought a truer, more authentic dimension to everyone. The boys did not perceive how much they may like or dislike at home; they did not have feedback from audience reactions; when they sing, when they argue with the jury, they have no applause or signs of dissent. And in the silence everything becomes more dramatic – he concluded -. They were more naked and looked at me with a question mark: am I going well or out of here nobody cares what we are doing? ".

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