Friends 2020, Maria resumes the boys: “Bad figure. It's mortifying "

Maria De Filippi

Maria De Filippi intervenes to point out the poor hygienic conditions in the house to the children and announces measures

Not everything goes smoothly in this new edition of Amici. The boys neglected the cleaning in the house, so much so that Maria De Filippi was forced to intervene and take them back hard. Then, the official provision: the students had to choose three of them to be challenged.

During the last daytime, Maria connected with the boys in the house to address a very important topic. As made clear at the beginning of the season, this year it is the students themselves who have to take care of the kitchen and cleaning, to avoid contact with outside people. But apparently the situation has been taken lightly, and the hygienic conditions are not good at all. Some production workers noticed this and, while the boys were out, they entered to look for Esa's computer – mysteriously disappeared.

Well, if the PC has not reappeared, the poor cleanliness of the house certainly could not go unnoticed. Bottles under the mattresses, dust and dirt everywhere, hair in the shower: Maria was informed of this and intervened to scold the students, giving them an ultimatum. "If within four hours this situation has not changed, in the episode there will be a drawing of three people who will compete and three others who will not perform" – explained the presenter.

Then he put the boys in front of their responsibilities: “This thing that will be on the air does no honor to anyone, because you don't make a good impression, honestly. Even if the consequences are relative, those who do not contribute to cleanliness and order should put a hand on their conscience ". And again: “It is mortifying of me to make this speech to you, I never wanted to do it. I believe that we are not in a situation of immaturity, but I would say even worse. You will make a bad impression ”.

After this harsh reprimand, the students immediately set to work to avoid punishment. However, their commitment was not enough to protect them from disciplinary measures. The first to be struck by it was Aka7even, taken directly by his coach Anna Pettinelli: "You disappointed me very much, I didn't think I could see you on the sofa while everyone was busy".

The young man in fact remained on the sidelines accusing cervical problems, but for the teacher no justification was able to mitigate his punishment. Luca, who is in challenge at the behest of Arisa, will only have to perform with covers (he cannot bring unreleased songs) and without using autotune or changes to the lyrics of the songs. A difficult decision to digest for the singer, who actually broke down in tears. And that's not all.

After a second inspection, the boys were informed that the condition of the house, although improved, is not optimal compared to the time available to clean. Thus an official provision has also arrived for them: "The production abandons the idea of ​​the draw, which could somehow affect those who are not responsible, and asks you to decide who you think is right should face the challenge".

Within an hour, the boys had to choose three names: their decision fell on Arianna, Riccardo and Rosa. Of course, all of this has led to the emergence of tensions within the house, which will probably affect the general atmosphere over the next few days.

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