Friends 2020, tension between Rudy and Arisa: Giulio eliminated and Arianna suspended

Friends 2020, tension between Rudy and Arisa: Giulio eliminated and Arianna suspended

Rudi Zerby and Arisa are increasingly at odds on singers. Giulio is the first eliminated and Arianna risks the bank.

An episode full of tension that of Amici on Saturday 28 November, starting with the sharp jokes of Alessandra Celentano who, ironically, pointed out how Maria De Filippi in the opening greeted Lorella Cuccarini first and only after her.

Even the teachers Arisa and Rudy seem at loggerheads, the two have in fact conflicting opinions on the students very often, first of all on the lyric Letizia Bertoldi, who, supported by Arisa, managed to confirm her jersey as the holder of Amici, interpreting the very difficult "Wuthering Heights" by Kate Bush. Despite Zerbi's perplexities, Arisa loudly confirmed the girl, without the shadow of any doubt.

Arisa then sent a challenge to Leonardo (Rudy's pupil), referred to several times as “snooty”. The boy, however, managed to win by confirming his bench, while Rudy in turn expressed doubts about Giulio (Arisa's pupil), deciding to send him in challenge against a newcomer, Deddy, who surprisingly managed to win by winning the shirt as owner. Rudy therefore gained a new student, leaving Arisa with one less desk.

The divergence of opinions on talents between Arisa and Rudy is increasingly evident. Just as the one between Lorella and Alessandra Celentano is evident: the dancer Rosa, in fact, supported by Cuccarini, danced wearing a mask, to demonstrate that she did not feel the "beauty who does not dance" as instead claimed by Professor Celentano.

However, Alessandra has not changed her mind about her, even advising her to change profession, as always taking on the role of the strict and uncompromising teacher, to which the public of Amici has become accustomed.

A hint of disappointment for the singer-songwriter Esa who was listened to by Michele Canova: the well-known producer of international caliber, noticed a great potential in the boy but advised him to modernize the writing style.

The singer Arianna, on the other hand, continued to make people talk about herself, angering her teacher Rudy, who was undecided whether to take off her shirt: the girl was reproached for her discontinuous and superficial approach to her studies. For this reason, Arianna's shirt was frozen, and Zerbi expressed the desire to be able to think about it, while in the following days he will evaluate other suitable candidates – possibly – to take his place.

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