Friends 2021, Anna Pettinelli provokes Aka7even: "Where is your self-esteem?"


Anna Pettinelli is back to discuss with Aka7even about her choices as a teacher, so much so that she provokes the boy

In the school of Amici the challenges for the children continue to become more and more difficult: the final is approaching and the teachers do not stop devising strategies to keep their students ahead. Once again it was Aka7even who had a hard time during the week due to a gauntlet proposed by Pettinelli.

The young singer, despite his talent, found himself subjected to the tactics of his teachers who often pitted him against Sangiovanni. Anna Pettinelli – who has repeatedly found herself arguing with the boy because of his insecurities – once again presented a gauntlet between her pupil and the direct competitor, proposing the song She by Elvis Costello.

Aka7even, convinced that the challenge proposed by Pettinelli could benefit Sangiovanni, discussed with her, worried and disappointed because she is one step away from the final. "I have reasoned and in my opinion that glove is in favor of Sangio, not mine", he confessed to his teacher. “He has the particularity of making vintage pieces very current with an absurd simplicity”, he said, adding immediately after: “I think it's an easy point for him”.

At that point, Pettinelli was unable to remain calm and after explaining to him that hers was obviously a considered choice, she provoked the boy: "Luca, where did your self-esteem go? I gave you a song in which you have to write what comes out of your heart ”.

To the provocation of his teacher, the young singer replied that he was not afraid of confrontation, and that he was ready for the challenge. The singing teacher then promptly replied: "But how is it possible that you have already written it in twenty-four hours?". Writing a song is obviously not easy, but Pettinelli has very clear ideas: “Don't you think that after 7 months I know you and know where you want to go? (…) I chose a song where your soul will come out. You are always the same dummy and presumptuous! You have to trust me".

For Anna the challenge is absolutely to the advantage of her pupil, to highlight her writing skills and her sensitivity. The singer, however, did not accept the words of his teacher, so much so that once he returned to the house he let himself go to a rant with Giulia: "I won't tolerate it presumptuous, not even my mother in twenty years has never told me. It is already the second time, the first I am silent, but now it is holding me back ”.

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