Friends 2021, because the hashtag # amemici20 is very popular on Twitter

Friends 2021, because the hashtag # amemici20 is very popular on Twitter

Fans of "Amici 21" have conquered Twitter trends with a very special hashtag, dedicated to the "trio of wonders"

Those who frequent Twitter will surely have noticed that the hashtag # amemici20 has become a trend for a few hours. At first glance it seems almost a typo but trust me, no mistakes in progress. Dominating the trends in Italy are the fans of Giulia Stabile, Sangiovanni and Samuele Barbetta, the trio of wonders of Amici 21 which is continuing to enjoy great public success also on the occasion of the Evening.

Indeed, the more the episodes of Italy's most famous talent continue – conceived and conducted by Maria De Filippi – the more the three boys seem to be the favorites of hordes of wild fans and ready to support them in every way. The hashtag # amemici20 was expertly produced by their own minds and combines the name of the Channel 5 program with the prefix "ame", which has a precise meaning.

"Ame" is a word used in youth jargon. A sort of trademark, a sweet and loving term to indicate belonging to a group. But not just a group of friends, "ame" means much more. It is a word that indicates affection, love and sharing both for good and for bad. It does not make distinctions of gender, we can all be someone's "loves" and on social networks fans are for their favorites.

In this case, the army of "ame" has decided to support the trio of ballerina Giulia Stabile, singer Sangiovanni and dancer Samuele Barbetta with strength and energy. Three guys who have distinguished themselves for their talent, which cannot be argued about and which is keeping them going in the splendid adventure of the Evening of Amici 21.

Sangiovanni and Giulia are the queen couple of this edition of the talent. He is the youngest of the students (he is only 17 years old) and is living a love story with a high level of feelings with the dancer with long dark hair and a sweet smile. A love story that began in a shaky way, has gone through ups and downs, as happens in everyone's life. And which is now more than confirmed and continues with hugs, tender kisses and hilarious moments.

If Giulia and Sangiovanni form a couple in life, the dancer and Samuele are the other half of the trio that fans are literally crazy about. Theirs is a sincere friendship made up of fun moments, commitment and dedication with a single common denominator: love for dance. It is no coincidence that the two teammates often perform together in the evening, by the will of the teacher Peparini.

Amici 21 is not just performance, judgments and work. It is also friendship, love, feelings and emotions. And fans who tweet with the hashtag # amemici20 want to celebrate all of this.

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