Friends 2021, Garrison Rochelle is back

Garrison Rochelle

After three years of absence, Garrison Rochelle returns to Amici 2021 to evaluate the competitors of Maria De Filippi

Garrison Rochelle returns to Amici 2021. After almost three years of absence, the choreographer and dancer has entered the studios of Maria De Filippi's talent, thrilling the audience. Among the most loved protagonists of the show, Garrison was called by the host to evaluate the performances of some students.

Together with Francesca Bernardini and Emanuel Lo, Garrison formed the jury of experts chosen to judge the performances of the dance students. In the competition at Amici 2021 there are still Samuel Barbetta, Martina Miliddi, Giulia Stabile, Rosa Di Grazia, Tommaso Stanzani, Serena Marchese and Alessandro Cavallo. The ranking, built in the episode of February 24, will be made official on February 25. On the other hand, there is now very little to go until the start of the evening of Amici 2021 which this year promises great emotions and thrilling performances.

The arrival of Garrison Rochelle has excited the audience a lot and it is not yet clear if it is just a brief appearance or if the choreographer and great friend of Maria De Filippi will also be in the cast of the evening of Amici 2021. To judge the singers, in the same episode, the presenter invited deejay Linus to the studio. Ibla and Enula came first, followed by Sangiovanni, Raffaele, Gaia, Leonardo, Esa, Deddy, Aka7even and Tancredi.

The hope of many fans of the show is that Garrison can return to the role of professor in the talent. In fact, from 2001 to 2018 the choreographer was a modern dance teacher in the program. His farewell to the broadcast had been agreed with Maria in the sign of new projects and adventures. A few years ago, however, Rochelle had admitted the possibility of returning to Amici. “If they called me I would come back immediately – he said -. But it was right to leave the broadcast, we decided it together with Maria. Maybe I should have done it two years ago, but I wasn't ready yet. This time, yes and I didn't cry when I saw the first episode of the new edition. We have known each other for more than twenty-five years with Maria De Filippi and Maurizio Costanzo: she is my queen ”.

Originally from Texas, but very close to Italy, Garrison has an extraordinary career behind him. She danced with the famous choreographer Bob Fosse and with Brian Bullard. In the eighties and nineties he took part in cult programs such as Fantastico 4, Buona Domenica, Did you know the latest? and Festivalbar.

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