Friends 2021, Giuliano Peparini leaves: Maria De Filippi chooses a replacement

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Giuliano Peparini will not be the artistic director of Amici 2021 and Maria De Filippi runs for cover

Giuliano Peparini leaves Amici 2021: he will not be the artistic director of the evening and Maria De Filippi chooses a replacement. As the evening phase approaches and the school children prepare to clash, the cast that will accompany the contestants in this new adventure is also outlined. The paintings that had characterized Amici in the past this year will not be there.

This was announced by Giuliano Peparini, who will not be the artistic director of this edition: "Maria, you know how I am, if I am not 100% charged, I am always afraid of not being able to give my best – explained De Filippi -. I'm at 70%, I need a recharge to be able to restart and go back to being as inspired as possible to excite ”.

Who will replace him? According to some rumors spread by TvBlog, Maria De Filippi has already chosen the replacement of Giuliano Peparini. This is Stephane Jarny, a French screenwriter and choreographer who was the artistic choreographer of successful programs such as The Voice and Miss France. A dance expert, he was also sworn in the talent Got to Dance. After Ricky Martin and Miguel Bosè, the presenter would have pointed to another international professional.

There is now very little time left for the 2021 Evening of Amici and curiosity is growing about who will be the protagonists of this edition. While Sangiovanni, Enula and Gaia have obtained access to the evening, the clashes between the professors are becoming increasingly heated. At loggerheads not only Arisa and Rudy Zerbi, but also the singing teacher and Anna Pettinelli, while in the dance sector the challenge is between Lorella Cuccarini and Alessandra Celentano.

This year the evening will last 9 episodes which will be broadcast on Saturday evening starting from 20 March. The rest of the cast still remains a mystery. "As for the artistic cast that will act as a corollary to the boys, the real protagonists of the program – we read on TvBlog – its composition is now being decided".

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