Friends 2021, it's over between Deddy and Rosa: the clue on Instagram

Rosa Di Grazia

The love story between Deddy and Rosa, born among the benches of "Amici 2021", seems to have by now been shipwrecked

Amici 2021, who are the finalists of Maria De Filippi

A very short time has passed since the last edition of Amici ended, and with it the tender love story born between Deddy and Rosa Di Grazia now seems to have come to an end. The two boys, who met right in the desks of the most famous school in Italy, would be drifting further and further away. And perhaps the decisive clue comes from Instagram.

Deddy and Rosa have never shown themselves together on social media, not even a couple photo that the public has been waiting for for some time. In addition, the young singer recently chatted with fans at an online event, answering many curiosities of all those who have always supported him along his path to Amici 2021. Inevitably, a question also came about Rosa and their relationship. . The answer, however, left the followers a little surprised: "How are things going with her? In reality it goes that we are not feeling too much, because I have so many commitments. But let's talk about music. However Rosa is fine ”.

From Deddy's words, it seems clear that everything is not going well between them. Thanks to the distance, the two boys would have gradually started to feel less and less, and by now everything would seem to be based on a common passion for music. Therefore, the dream of the many fans who have always cheered for the couple formed by Deddy and Rosa is shattered: the two former students of Amici have experienced very intense emotions in front of the cameras, so much so that they hope that their love story could also last. out of the talent show.

When Rosa's journey was interrupted, her boyfriend shed many tears at the idea of ​​continuing alone and felt a great nostalgia for the moments spent together. However, already during the interview with Verissimo that Deddy released immediately after the final of Amici 2021, his statements about the dancer seemed to be merely phrases of circumstance. “You have made my path much more beautiful and lighter. In the little house I was left alone, I didn't have anyone's support but his. She has helped me many times, as I think I did with her ”.

On the other hand, when asked directly about his current relationship with Rosa, the singer decided not to answer by changing the subject, so much so that Silvia Toffanin preferred not to insist. Everything therefore suggests that Deddy and Rosa are no longer together, and that the passion that broke out in Amici has turned into a lukewarm feeling of affection, or perhaps into a tender friendship. Too bad for those who already saw them on Temptation Island, as was rumored a few weeks ago.

Deddy and Rosa Di Grazia

Deddy and Rosa Di Grazia

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