Friends 2021, love between school desks: a special birthday for Sangiovanni

Friends 2021, love between school desks: a special birthday for Sangiovanni

Special birthday for Sangiovanni in the "Amici" school: Giulia has prepared a surprise for the singer

A new love blossomed between the benches of the Amici school, the one between Giulia and Sangiovanni. The two boys have gotten closer and closer in the last period and after some hesitation by the singer, they are now a couple.

So the young ballerina wanted to surprise the boy for his birthday, preparing him a surprise party for his 18 years. Initially she had teased him and between cuddling in bed she had revealed to him that her gift would be to leave him alone for a day.

Sangiovanni, however, had no idea of ​​Giulia's plan: first she left him a romantic letter under the pillow of her bed, then, thanks to the help of the production, she managed to set up a room with lots of balloons and obviously a cake.

The ballerina's gift could not be missing: a plush toy in the shape of an iguana with a nice hat, a miniature of the one always worn by the school singer. After blowing out the candles, Sangiovanni thanked the sweet Giulia: “You are special. No one has ever done such a thing to me ”.

For Giovanni Damian – this is the singer's real name – it was not the only surprise of the day. Only a few days ago during the daytime Sangiovanni had had a discussion with Rudy Zerbi, who had accused him of not having completed the task he had been assigned. The boy's apologies were useless, and not even the intervention of a production manager had improved his position, giving reason to the teacher.

However, Zerbi retraced his steps: he realized that his pupil acted in good faith and that he did not fail to complete the assignment due to lack of responsibility, but only for a series of misunderstandings.

For this reason he decided to return the sweatshirt to the singer, also enclosing a letter to apologize to the boy: "I think that having suspended your shirt hurt you, I understood from your reaction. It was not my intention, ”he wrote, also making him understand that one must always be responsible, in life as in work. The boy seems to have learned his lesson: now the goal is to get to the evening.

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