Friends 2021, Maria surprises and Raimondo Todaro freezes Martina

Martina Amici 2021

Maria De Filippi surprises the students of Amici 2021 and Raimondo Todaro freezes the ballerina Martina

Amici 2021, the Evening: judges, teams and guests

Maria De Filippi surprises the students of Amici 2021 and calls Raimondo Todaro to judge the performances of the dancers. Protagonist of Dancing with the Stars and dance champion, Francesca Tocca's ex-husband judged the performances of the competitors, including Martina. The dancer has ended up at the center of the controversy unleashed by Alessandra Celentano several times, considered poorly prepared by the teacher.

Todaro partly agreed with Celentano, judging the pupil still "immature". "I was asked to judge the performance that I will see today – explained Raimondo after being presented by Maria De Filippi -. This does not mean that it corresponds to a hypothetical ranking that I have in my head, because in recent months I have followed you, so it means all or nothing ".

Raimondo congratulated Simone Barbetta and gave some advice to Serena Marchese. The teacher then focused on Martina. "I tell you what I think of you in a frank and sincere way, to help you – he said -. As a teacher, I would choose Martina all my life, because you have a lot of talent and you have everything that no one could teach you, instinct. You are a stage animal. That said, you are a mass of instinct, in the midst of a mess of technique. It is evident that you are immature, it is evident that you have not studied many things and you do not know them. But that's not a problem, they are things that can be learned. You have to work a lot on your feet, you never use mezze and that's why you lose your balance, you don't use your feet well. You don't use your leg muscles. In my opinion because you have never studied it and you don't know it. Latin is a very technical discipline ”.

Raimondo therefore appeared in part in agreement with Celentano. The dancer then advised Martina to ask the professionals of Amici 2021 for help, spending beautiful words for ex-wife Francesca Tocca. “Inside there are Francesca Tocca and Umberto Gaudino, who besides being two talents, have studied a lot with the best teachers in the world – he revealed -. Find a way to ask them all those technical things. Francesca for me is the best Italian dancer who has ever been and she always sucks every time she sees herself, even today. She always criticizes herself, she is never happy, she is never happy. Martina at 20 technically you have to dance better ”.

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