Friends 2021, Martina confides in Cuccarini: "Nobody likes me"

Amici 2021, Martina si confida alla Cuccarini: “Non piaccio a nessuno”

Martina had a long chat with the teacher, during which she opened her heart and expressed her fears

Difficult moments for Martina, the dance student to whom Lorella Cuccarini suspended her sweatshirt during the episode aired on Saturday 20 February. The young artist was also last in the ranking of dance teachers as it emerged following the required performance in a red envelope that was given to the students in view of the evening.

And now he had an open heart chat with Lorella Cuccarini. "I don't know if it was understood why I was sick and maybe I never explained it myself – said the young woman to her teacher – obviously the professionals only saw what I was doing in the room and I didn't tell the reason for my behavior, of my thoughts or whatever. I was performing and maybe even performing badly and therefore I understand why certain things were reported. But I was really badly bad, I can't look in the mirror: but because I hear people's comments and they really really hurt me. I can't appreciate myself and I can't dance. And even if I dance I think I dance well, I get to look at me and say but maybe people are right to say the things they say about me "explained the young woman with her voice broken by tears and then added that she made screens with everyone. comments.

An important moment of confrontation for the young student who explained that out of 300 comments 290 are negative: “So you ask yourself some questions. You think about it and say: so are they really right? Nobody really likes me, and if somebody doesn't like me, how can I like me ”.

At that point Lorella Cuccarini tried to make her think: “But in your opinion, if nobody liked you, would you have arrived here?”. A moment of profound insecurity and fragility for the student who replied that maybe only she likes it, referring to her teacher.

Then she went back to talking about those comments that hurt her: “I see them too – replied Cuccarini – there have been and there are also some beautiful comments”. Then he also explained to her that social networks are not real life, they do not fully represent real life, then suggesting that she take the good part: comments, appreciations and constructive criticisms.

Martina also spoke with an open heart about her fears, while her teacher tried to make her understand that if she is in difficulty she must ask for help and she must begin to open up. Student and teacher left each other with an important message: “Now the woman must come out, the woman you are. Good work, see you in the rehearsal room ”, Lorella Cuccarini told her.

An important comparison for the young student, who brought out many of her fears.

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