Friends 2021, Rosa in crisis after rehearsals: "I can't afford it"

Amici 2021, Rosa in crisi dopo le prove: “Non me lo posso permettere”

Inside the school of "Amici" the boys have to face increasingly difficult tests, like Rosa, in crisis for a choreography

The tension is palpable among the students of the school of Amici: in fact all the students are undergoing increasingly stressful tests, which will lead them to earn a place at the Evening. There is less than a month to go until the final phase of the program and the singers and dancers are showing all their talent, with tenacity and dedication.

Workouts and exercises are becoming more and more difficult to sustain and emotional breakdowns are becoming more and more frequent among students. As for Rosa – often put under pressure by the constant criticism of Professor Alessandra Celentano – ready to demonstrate her skills in dance.

While on the one hand the young dancer in the school desks is experiencing a romantic love story with her partner Deddy, on the other she is finding herself having to deal with all her insecurities and frailties. To provoke mixed feelings in Rosa was the preparation of a new choreography which, as far as it is in its strings, put her in crisis from the very first moment.

“I have to understand what I'm doing wrong. Things don't come to me, I don't like myself at all ”, she confessed through tears to the professional in the rehearsal room. “I don't want you to change my steps. I get angry with myself, I feel limited if they are changed: I pretend to do them well and when they don't come I get angry ".

A difficult challenge for Rosa, more than with the choreography to prepare, with her insecurities: after the rehearsals, the young dancer went back to her room crying, lying in bed in desperation. Between sobs, comrade Tommaso came to console her and tried to cheer her up, explaining that he is not a robot and that a bad day can happen.

"I suck," she said through tears to the dancer, who pointed out that she cannot expect the steps to be successful in the first rehearsal. Rosa's reply was ready, sobbing: "I can't afford it", referring to Celentano's severe judgments, who does not consider her up to staying in Amici's school.

"I keep looking at myself, I always keep judging myself … I suck I know": to support her Tommaso who reminded her of her value and her abilities ("You have fire in your eyes", he said), and who underlined: "A few days ago the situation was the other way around, I was crying and I was supporting you: what good are friends otherwise?".

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