Friends 2021, Samuele in tears for his girlfriend

Friends 2021, Samuele in tears for his girlfriend

In the school of "Amici 2021" it is a crisis for Samuele who melts in tears for his girlfriend

These are not easy days for the students of Amici 2021 and Samuele, after the punishment of Maria De Filippi, is desperate for his girlfriend, dissolving in tears. The dancer appeared desperate after a phone call with Claudia Bentrovato, a dancer and actress to whom he has been linked for some time.

After having vented, Samuele confided in Veronica Peparini stating that he would have felt a certain coldness on the part of his girlfriend. The dancer fears that Claudia may leave him and does not feel the support he would like from him. “With that phone call there I lacked your support – he confided -. I was just waiting to call her to be able to get some air. I would like to call her to know that she is out there for me ”.

Faced with the student's confession, Veronica Peparini advised him to call the girl again to expose her doubts. Samuele, hesitant at first, finally accepted and Claudia confessed to him that she had some doubts about their love story. “I miss Samuele a lot – said the girl -. I don't know, actually I think all the problems in my head is definitely because I miss her. And I hurt more easily. I really miss talking to him after being at the cinema, being embraced even in silence ".

The last few days have been quite difficult for the dancers of Amici 2021, punished by Maria De Filippi for not respecting the rules. The presenter, faced with the umpteenth delay of the competitors, was angry. “Take your things and go home,” he told Giulia, Alessandro and Serena. Samuele was the spokesperson for the presenter. “Maria told me she is keen not to see you like this – the boy confided -. She doesn't give a damn about the punishment, but she is extremely convinced of the sense of respect that one must have towards any person. The foundation or a badly made shirt must come after respecting punctuality ”.

The three dancers, after showing repentance, were forgiven by De Filippi. "I do not consider any of you to be rude – clarified the presenter of Amici 2021 -, I think you are 20-year-olds who sometimes do not realize what lies behind: when there is a studio called you have to be perfect . I never thought of canceling the race, but I want you to understand ”.

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