Friends 2021: students admitted to the evening

Amici 2021: gli allievi ammessi al serale

Amici's evening is approaching and the list of students admitted to the final phase of Maria De Filippi's program is complete

On March 20 the evening of Amici di Maria De Filippi kicks off, which will see the students of the school divided into teams clash with each other. At the moment, for what has been seen in the specials and in the daytime, the students who have received the golden jersey that establishes access to the final phase are Gaia, Sangiovanni, Enula for the category of singers, Samuele and Rosa for the dancers, that in the penultimate special they were first in the general classification of votes and therefore they have detached the pass by right.

The names of the other students admitted to the evening will officially come out from the special episode broadcast on Saturday 13 March at 2 pm. However, being registered, you already know the names of the protagonists who will have the chance to clash in prime time to try to win the talent.

It turns out that none of the teachers wanted to deprive themselves of their pupils and that therefore all the other remaining students were admitted to the evening. So here is the complete list of young talents who will compete.

Friends, the singers admitted to the evening

Here are the 10 singers of the evening:

– Aka7even

– Deddy

– Enula

– Esa Abrate

– Gaia Di Fusco

– Ibla

– Leonardo Lamacchia

– Raffaele Renda

– Saint John

– Tancredi Cantù Rajnoldi

Friends, the dancers admitted to the evening

Here are the 7 dancers of the Evening:

– Alessandro Cavallo

– Giulia Stabile

– Martina Miliddi

– Rose Of Grace

– Samuele Barbetta

– Serena Marchese

– Tommaso Stanzani

Friends, previews of the March 13 episode

During the last special episode on Saturday afternoon that precedes the debut of Amici's first evening, we will find out how the young students will react to the surprise. In fact, in recent days there has been no shortage of tensions between the children who have often had to deal with the teachers who put them to the test. One of the toughest clashes was the one that saw Alessandro as the protagonist, who, cornered by the teacher Celentano, admitted that he felt he deserved the place more than Martina. Statement that pitted most of his comrades against him.

During the special we will be able to see Arisa again among the professors, fresh from the success of Sanremo. The same prof. she will perform bringing on stage the song with which she participated in the kermesse You could have done more, but she will not be the only one. They return to Amici, where it all began for them, including Gaia and Annalisa who will perform respectively with Cuore amaro and Dieci.

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