Friends 2021, tense nerves between Leonardo and Deddy: "You are a child"

Amici 2021, nervi tesi tra Leonardo e Deddy: “Sei un bambino”

As evening approaches, in the school of "Amici" among the children, discussions arise more and more often

Those in Amici's school are tense days: the circle is closing and now there are very few days that separate the boys from the start of the Evening. The comparisons between the students are becoming more and more heated and there is no lack of discussions.

If there are already those who celebrate for the coveted golden jersey – they are already at the Serale Gaia, Sangiovanni and Enula for the singers and Samuele and Rosa for the dancers – many are still worried about their future within the talent show. And so the contrasts between Deddy and Leonardo became evident, involved in a hot question and answer.

"I think I deserve the Evening because when I entered here, if I moved away from the auction, I would panic and sing with my head down. Today I have no problem looking the audience in the face, looking at Rudy, Pettinelli or whoever is in front of me, walking around the stage having fun while ”, Deddy told the other guys defending his position. And then he added: “When it comes to what Leonardo tells me I don't care anymore!“.

In fact, in the previous days the two boys had exchanged views regarding a discussion that broke out during the last episode of the Saturday afternoon special.

At that point Leonardo intervened, replying: “I would have preferred you to have told me what you think in the episode and not find out from a video. I found this an immature attitude since we have always talked about transparency. Why didn't you tell me you were upset? If you have something to say tell me now ”.

For his part, Deddy did not hear right, raising the tone of his voice with his partner: "I don't care about your comment, I'm saying that that day when you got up and said 'Let's get out of tune' you could have done directly my name! Or when you say I'm strong just because I'm with Rosa ”.

At that point Leonardo visibly lost his patience, underlining once again the immature attitude of the singer: "It will not be a kid to make fun of me. Ah these children, hold on to the tit! Your mouth is still stained with milk, ”the boy yelled as he left the room.

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