Friends 2021, tension among the students: Rosa makes Serena cry

Rosa ad Amici 2021

The dancers Rosa and Serena, competing at the 2021 Evening of Friends, had a tough battle that also involved their teammates

Moments of tension among the students of Amici 2021, which have now entered the heart of the evening. There is no doubt that the division into teams and the challenges are placing the emphasis on unresolved disagreements and underlying rivalries and the clash that took place today is proof of this.

The quarrel broke out in daytime after the teacher Alessandra Celentano threw a gauntlet to the dancer Rosa, putting her in competition with Serena in a test – according to the students themselves – very complicated. This is the infamous Can Can, which had already been challenged due to too many ballet steps inserted by the teacher and now readmitted after some changes. Maria De Filippi after Celentano's decision had asked Serena for a comment, but she did not want to express herself but then burst into tears upon returning to school.

The boys immediately noticed the bad mood of their partner, but did not immediately understand the reason for this reaction. It took a few minutes to reveal the mystery and Serena, after the questions of a worried Maria De Filippi, confirmed that she felt debased by the repeated comments of the opposing team, led by Arisa and Lorella Cuccarini. Tears of tension, especially for the words of Rosa who had also attacked her on other occasions.

With a lump in her throat, Serena was unable to explain herself at first but teammates Enula, Leonardo and Sangiovanni intervened in her place, who immediately understood the reason for so much despair. "Perfect, now the conversation has started. I wanted to arrive here ”, commented Rosa reacting rather abruptly. And from here began the real battle, in which the tones became more and more lively.

"It annoyed me when you said about expressiveness, about stage presence" – explained Serena – "when I see these attitudes I don't produce well, I feel bad inside because I'm a hypersensitive girl, so I burst at a certain point". An outburst that did not affect Rosa in the slightest, who continued to respond in kind to both Serena and her companions, accusing her of victimhood and them of hypocrisy.

Rosa then left the classroom, starting to cry too. A completely normal reaction given the palpable tension that has been created with Serena but also with the other students. In the end, however, he wanted to clarify with the opposing dancer, asking her to speak face to face and away from prying eyes.

“I didn't want all this to happen, but put yourself in my shoes,” Serena began speaking once again of Rosa's comment after the gauntlet. "It was my thought, which I was expressing on the fact that for me dance is not made up only of skills, lines, foot if there is no emotion behind it, a sharing, a story", explained Rosa who he then specified not to refer directly to his partner. Serena reiterated that it was not so much Rosa's words that struck her, but her attitude and manner.

“We are two completely different worlds, with two different characters” – continued Rosa – “I am like that and many times I don't even like myself”. The dancer explained to Serena that she is not angry with her but with the teacher Celentano guilty, in her opinion, of having targeted her a bit. In fact, the dance teacher has expressed a negative opinion on Rosa several times, most recently when he had a confrontation with Rudy Zerbi, co-captain of his team, in which he admitted that in his opinion the dancer did not deserve the access to the Evening of Friends.

After the clarification it seems that the calm has returned between the two dancers and that Serena has accepted Rosa's explanation. At least for now.

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