Friends 2021, what will happen in the next episode and what we expect

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The first episode of the year of Amici 2021 sees numerous twists, including eliminated and super-guests

Maria De Filippi is ready to return to the air with the first episode of the year of Amici 2021, her very successful show dedicated to young talents of singing and dancing. The advances reveal many twists: two boys will be eliminated and one of them will be at risk. Meanwhile, everyone is preparing for the evening phase, which is getting closer and closer.

On Saturday 9 January, Maria De Filippi hosts Amici's first 2021 special: an unmissable event for all fans, as the young competitors begin to lay the foundations for the evening climb, the much sought-after goal of each of them. Unfortunately, for some, the dream will soon end. Peering through the previews of the next episode, in fact, the unexpected elimination of two boys emerges.

The first to have to leave Amici's school is the singer Kika: during the afternoon she finds herself facing the challenge wanted by Rudy Zerbi and is unable to hold on to her shirt. His place is occupied by another young artist, Ibla. Later it was the turn of the dancer Riccardo, who had been at risk for some days due to a disciplinary measure. There is also a very difficult challenge for him, which leads him to leave the bench to the new entry Alessandro.

Many other competitors perform during the episode, with positive results. With the exception of Sangiovanni, for whom the judgment remains pending: Rudy Zerbi, although ready to declare that he appreciated his performance, wants to punish him for a complaint in his opinion unjustified. The young singer will therefore still have to demonstrate his talent to be able to keep the Friends shirt.

However, the surprises are not over yet: on the one hand, the absence of Lorella Cuccarini stands out, who in the past few hours tested positive for Coronavirus and will therefore not be able to participate in the show until she has a negative buffer. On the other hand, the presence of a super guest manages to warm the atmosphere: it is Fabrizio Moro, who performs in a medley of his songs Take me away and The sense of everything.

In short, the next episode of Amici is really full of wonderful moments that will entertain us in front of the screen. And curiosity becomes more and more insistent: who will be the guys who will be able to gain access to the evening phase? In fact, the long-awaited moment is approaching more and more quickly and in the coming weeks we will discover the first names of those who can truly compete for the final.

During these first appointments, we have carefully watched the performances of the young competitors of Amici 2021, to try to understand who, actually, might deserve to move on to the next phase. The choice will be really difficult, because there are many guys who have shown a real talent. We were very impressed, for example, by the grace and elegance of Martina Miliddi, who despite her young age has already faced very tough challenges in her life, and seems to be a really mature girl.

Arianna, on the other hand, has sometimes shown a temper that is difficult to manage, but her voice continues to surprise us every time she sings. We also liked the perseverance of Aka7even, who has already won many fans with his unreleased song. Now we are waiting with you for the new episode of Amici, to have some more pieces in view of future evening appointments.

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