Friends 21, Giulia in crisis: "I was judged so much"

Amici 21, Giulia in crisi: “Sono stata tanto giudicata”

The dancer Giulia Stabile had to deal with her frailties: during the rehearsals at "Amici" she had an emotional breakdown

For the boys of the school of Amici, between tests and training, it is normal to have moments of despair: Giulia Stabile knows this well, who had an emotional breakdown during daytime.

The young dancer is dealing with her insecurities and frailties, which came out after starting to rehearse a particular choreography. The girl first let off steam in the relaxation room with Sangiovanni, with whom love has blossomed for some time.

The singer tried to console her in every way, but found himself facing a wall: "I don't like myself", Stabile repeated more than once, amid the cuddles and kisses of the singer who continued to repeat to her how beautiful she was. But his discomfort emerged even more in the rehearsal room, when in front of the professional dancers Simone Nolasco and Giulia Pauselli he admitted the origin of his problem.

In the choreography Giulia will have to show her more feminine and sensual side, dancing on heels. A particularly difficult challenge for her, who does not yet feel like a woman: the dancer admitted that she was ashamed, thinking she was being ridiculous.

Immediately realizing that his was not a whim but a real discomfort, the professionals wanted to investigate. The young dancer then let herself go to a long outburst: "Every time we rehearse I never look in the mirror, or have my eyes closed or look away. And then with heels I'm more afraid of falling ”.

After trying the choreography without looking in the mirror, Giulia collapsed: “If I already see myself and I don't like myself then it is obvious that others don't like me. If I was here alone and tried it by looking in the mirror I wouldn't like it regardless. I was judged a lot at school. From 11 to 13 years old ".

Amid tears, the girl admitted that she was bullied: "They made fun of me for everything, both for my appearance and character, for the difficulties I had, for the fact that I didn't live a life like them. I had a purpose: in the afternoon I didn't go out with my friends and I went to the park or to other people's houses, I went to dance. I never went to parties, they excluded me, I was always alone in class ”.

At that point, the professionals suggested living Amici's experience as a ransom, and offered her an exercise: telling herself in the mirror everything she has never managed to say to herself: "You are beautiful, you are a woman. You are strong, you are mature. You are right, you are important. You are not wrong “.

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