Friends, Aka7even forgets Martina: the confession on Instagram

Aka7even has revealed on Instagram that he has a new sentimental interest: the relationship with Martina Miliddi is now a memory

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Aka7even is in love again: his relationship with Martina Miliddi definitively closed, the former competitor of Amici 2021 has met a special person, whose identity he did not however want to reveal. He revealed it on Instagram, giving all his fans a pleasant surprise.

There are many love stories born among the benches of Amici: some of them, sprouted in front of the cameras, however, did not stand up to everyday life, once the talent was over. Others were interrupted even earlier, during the long adventure inside the most famous school in Italy. This is what happened to Aka7even and Martina Miliddi, who met and fell in love during the last edition of the show.

The two boys lived moments full of emotion, also conquering viewers with their love story. Unfortunately, during the transmission they noticed the numerous differences that, after some back and forth, led them to put a stone on their relationship. If Martina managed to move forward immediately, starting to attend Raffaele Renda (also a former student of Amici 2021), it was more difficult for Aka7even.

Once he left the talent show that gave him great satisfaction (and considerable success), the singer admitted that he no longer wanted to talk about his story with Martina, considering it to be a thing of the past. Some believed that these words concealed a deep pain: Is Aka7even still suffering from the end of the relationship with the dancer? But recently it was he who announced a beautiful novelty.

Among his Instagram stories, the young man answered many questions from his fans. And inevitably the attention was focused on his love life. Some followers asked him if he met anyone they like. The answer was not long in coming: "Yes, but I prefer to let the music talk and keep my private life off social media". In a nutshell, Aka7even admitted that he moved on and fell in love once again.

Always reserved, however, the singer did not want to unbalance. The young man preferred to silence all chatter, refusing to reveal the name of the girl who has returned to make his heart beat faster. Of course, his fans immediately started looking for some clues about the identity of his mysterious flame, but at least for the moment Aka7even is keeping faith with his purpose, avoiding talking further about his private life.

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