Friends, Carolyn Smith sides with Celentano: criticism of Martina

Friends, Carolyn Smith sides with Celentano: criticism of Martina

The choreographer had her say about the comparative performance between Martina and Serena during the evening episode

A comment under an Instagram post during Amici's evening and then a long live to explain her position and to talk about dance: Carolyn Smith, choreographer and dancer, told her point of view on the comparative performance between Martina and Serena.

Smith during the evening of Amici, under the Instagram post of the broadcast, which presented the gauntlet between the two students, among other things wrote: "I'm still reflecting on the various judgments I heard tonight … I don't want to offend anyone. reason … but … to one who has studied Latin for many years and does a dance so basic with all the technical errors and out of rhythm and time at various points that even an inexperienced person could see !!! ". In the comment he added: “And we want to talk about Martina's feet? In comparison Serena who has never done the Latins, with a superior technique and an indisputable superior class. Of course, the times are not always respected, but it is understandable and forgivable ”.

A point of view that did not go unnoticed and on which Carolyn Smith then wanted to clarify by returning to talk about it during a live broadcast on Instagram.

First of all she explained that she is a fan of Amici and of the broadcasts that talk about dance, also recalling that since the first edition of the program, many talents and the great admiration she has towards Maria De Filippi have come out.

Regarding the performance to Amici and the gauntlet that saw Martina and Serena perform on the same choreography, he explained that it was a very basic salsa program, simple for Martina who has done 16 years of sports dance, different speech for Serena who never made it. Carolyn Smith reiterated that hers is a technical judgment, and that she never said anything personal against the jury, Martina or Serena.

Going forward in the video, the choreographer explained that from a technical point of view Martina went out of time and then, recalling the latter's 16 years of dancing and the samba prepared in a week by Serena, she added that she did an excellent work.

"It is not forgivable that someone who has made Latinos for so many years makes too many technical mistakes and a girl, Serena, who made the samba program once in a week, made a better impression," he said on the live, stressing again that hers is not an attack on Martina and adding that he believes that the young dancer has talent but must work: “And something that technically is wrong cannot be rewarded”.

Alessandra Celentano, Amici's teacher had expressed herself on Martina, who explained that she did not consider her worthy to participate in the evening. Carolyn Smith in recent times had also defended Celentano accused of being too hard on the students.

During the episode on Saturday it was Martina who won the gauntlet against Serena.

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