Friends Celebrities, the gaffe of Al Bano and Filippo's apologies to Maria

A question and answer between Francesca and Al Bano in the third episode of Amici, Filippo's original apology

Amici Celebrities returns with a new episode and focuses on an exceptional coach and a judge who represents Italian music.

Annalisa took the place of Alberto Urso in this third episode, leading the Blue team towards the victory of the first heat. Sitting on the armchair as an exceptional judge was Al Bano, an icon of Italian music that, in addition to putting some competitors (such as Francesca, Ciro and Filippo) to the test with a test of intonation, committed an unforgivable blunder .

Francesca Manzini, after performing in a dance performance, received several compliments from the choreographer (and judge) Giuliano Peparini. Al Bano, trying to follow the example, however, made a mistake. Taking back the praise of Peparini and dressing it with a big smile, Al Bano said: "And add that 15 grams more you have …".

Manzini did not let him continue, cutting off his speech at birth. "I don't care about Mr. Al Bano. I'm so happy. " And, while Al Bano tried to save himself in extremis, Francesca added to the dose: "Passion has no weight. I am here to make content, not image ".

Great space also for Ciro Ferrara, who brought some of his Napoli again in front of the Amici Celebrities jury (despite Ornella Vanoni's suggestion to vary the repertoire). And, after singing Tu vuo ago ’the American, a surprise came for the former player. His father, in an elegant dress, was a breath of fresh air with smiles, slight lullabies, a letter and even a duet.

"Ciro, you know, I never thought I could become a great footballer. As a child you were so small that your friends considered you the poorest, they always put you in the door. Now that you're a man I have to apologize, initially I didn't share your passion for football, I wanted you to study ". And a compromise arrived between the two: "You were only 18 years old and you were already playing in Serie A, but you were also in school."

Meanwhile, after the incandescent quarrel of the previous episode, Filippo Bisciglia first apologized on social media and then dedicated a verse of the song to Maria: "Filippo, don't be stupid tonight." From the eyes of the hostess, it is clear that the matter has been closed.

A heated exchange of jokes saw two judges as protagonists: after the umpteenth compliments to Raniero, Ornella Vanoni pricked Platinette asking if she felt more man or woman. The judge's response was not slow to arrive: "You are still with the genres, I have long passed them. I feel neither male nor female, I am already beyond. "

Faced with the distrust of Vanoni, Platinette brought out a song from her repertoire, Angels and Devils. "But if you are the most erotic singer that exists, the one who sang …" and Vanoni, without denying, pointed out that she loved only two men in her life.

Between a Giulia Michelini excited as a judge and the return of the implacable Alessandra Celentano (who rejected Francesca in the immunity test), the third episode of Amici Celebrities saw Manzini more than ever.

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