Friends Celebrities, who will be eliminated (and who will return to the race)

Friends Celebrities, who will be eliminated (and who will return to the race)

The fourth episode of Amici Celebrities will be full of twists: who will be eliminated (and who will return)

The fourth episode of Amici Celebrities, according to the first advances, will be very eventful, with the return of a competitor and a surprise elimination. The episodes of the show by Maria De Filippi are recorded, so some people present during the recordings have revealed what will happen on the Vicolo delle News.

The episode, as had already been announced, will be presented by an extremely elegant Michelle Hunziker, ready to replace the hostess. In the program it is time for revolutions and there will be a repechage between the eliminated competitors. To challenge for the return to the race, Joe Bastianich and Ciro Ferrara, will be the latter to resume his adventure at Amici Celebrities.

The fourth judge chosen will be Giulio Scarpati, also the protagonist of a heated confrontation with Emanuele Filiberto. The first race will be won by the White Squad, while the second one by the Blues. Massimiliano Varrese and Francesca Manzini will eventually clash. To leave the program will be the comic, which will greet everyone in tears, not before singing The men do not change, a song dedicated to his father.

The show has now entered its final phase and the clash between the competitors is becoming increasingly heated. As had been anticipated by Laura Torrisi in an interview, the pongo-regulation of the transmission allows some players to return to the race. After Ciro Ferrara will it be Chiara Giordano's turn, as the Tuscan actress hoped? We'll see what happens, but above all what will be the considerations of Maria De Filippi at the end of the transmission.

The cult talent in vip format was an experiment, just like Temptation Island Vip. If it goes well, Friends Celebrities could return to the small screen again next year. Meanwhile, all that remains is to find out who will win the first edition of the talent vip. The super favorites are Filippo Bisciglia and Pamela Camassa, but the games are still open.

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