Friends, Celentano against Cuccarini for Rosa: "Abusive jersey"

Maria De Filippi

A heated clash between Lorella Cuccarini and Alessandra Celentano, which broke out during Amici's last afternoon appointment. The reason? Rosa's admission to the evening.

Crucial episode for Amici, the longest-running talent show on Italian television. In the event aired on the afternoon of Saturday 13 March, in fact, the last jerseys were assigned to enter the evening. So much was the tension perceived among the students waiting to know their own destiny that, in the grip of the most anxious emotions, they played everything and for everything.

Among the various moments that enlivened the episode, there is one that has particularly inflamed the web: a heated clash between Lorella Cuccarini and Alessandra Celentano about Rosa's admission to the evening. According to the historic teacher of Amici, in fact, the dancer would have received the shirt "illegally". Words that inevitably aroused the reaction of Fantastico's former face, who did not fail to respond in kind to his colleague.

Referring to Rosa, Lorella stated, without any hesitation: “I'm happy with her. Speaking of this illegal problem, Maria remind me who, last week, asked to add the rankings also for the dance … "referring directly to Alessandra Celentano, who promptly replied:" No no, I said that I accept, but my thought is different, I disagree (…) There were better dancers than her ”.

At that point, the new talent teacher said that she found the judgment of last week by an artist of value like Giuliano Peparini, who was particularly impressed by Rosa, fundamental. "I am very pleased to know that we have a very similar vision from different points of view and I am glad that he won this shirt (…) Do not say that it is abusive, because whoever is abusive is committing an illegal act!"

The discussion between Lorella and Alessandra then died out, as Maria left room for other moments that have outlined this decisive episode, a continuous crescendo of emotions. There were, for example, the three veterans of the Sanremo Festival linked to Amici – Arisa, Gaia and Annalisa – who performed by staging the songs with which they competed during the most popular event in Italy. Only Irama was not present, as he is in quarantine after one of his collaborators tested positive for Covid-19.

Another exciting moment involved the presentation of the new artistic director, Stephane Jarny, who replaces the historian Giuliano Peparini: he is an artist of international caliber, who has worked for performers such as Mika and Kylie Minogue. The choreographer said he was very enthusiastic about this new experience, stating that Amici is a recognized and respected program all over the world, and what he will have to face will certainly be a high level artistic challenge.

A further moment of tension, which exploded during the episode, concerned the admission to the evening of Deddy, which saw Rudy Zerbi and Anna Pettinelli clash. For the latter, in fact, the boy would not have deserved the shirt as he is still too immature, so much so as to remind her of an altar boy. The last word, however, fell to the record company, who did not hesitate to take the responsibility of admitting it to the evening, to the applause of the audience and his teammates.

Alessandra Celentano, then, also had to say about Martina's performance, this time provoking an ironic comment from Maria: "But have you ever changed your mind about something?". Lorella Cuccarini, again, did not agree with her colleague's opinion, deciding to admit her to the evening.

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