Friends, controversy over the elimination of Tommaso: Cuccarini intervenes

Lorella Cuccarini

After the elimination of Tommaso from "Amici", Lorella Cuccarini wanted to have her say on Instagram and respond to the controversy

Lorella Cuccarini intervened on Instagram to defend herself from the criticisms received on social media after the elimination of Tommaso Stanzani from Amici. The dancer was in fact the first eliminated of the third episode of the Evening and his exit from the talent show caused a lot of controversy.

Both among viewers and professionals, the choice of Arisa and Cuccarini to send three of the strongest students of the team of the Zerbi-Celentano duo to the ballot was incorrect. The judges in fact decided to sacrifice Tommaso to save Enula and Sangiovanni, and so the young dancer, despite his talent, had to abandon the program.

So Lorella Cuccarini wrote a long post on Instagram to wish her followers a happy Easter and comment on the boy's exit from the talent led by Maria De Filippi after the attacks received on social media.

“Amici's evening is a program designed to be a team challenge and elimination – wrote the presenter on Instagram -. We are all perfectly aware of this mechanism. If you were in our place, you would understand how difficult it is, week after week. I'll be honest: if I had been a judge last night, I wouldn't have voted to eliminate Tommaso “.

Cuccarini admitted that she did not agree with the other judges, but that she accepted their decision. And then he added: “Having said that, constructive criticism is healthy and a sign of freedom, but reading insults, disrespect on the web, for all the professionals of the program or for the kids who participate is definitely sad. It's wrong".

The dance teacher invited all fans of the program to cheer properly. Cuccarini explained that respectful behavior on social media can make a difference. And he concluded by writing: “Why not cheer, supporting your favorites, without denigrating those you don't love? (…) I say this above all to the very young. Our social attitude can make a difference and greatly improve the quality of the web. Remember that in the program all but one will be eliminated: the winner, who deservedly wins the victory ”.

After all, the dance teacher also lost one of her students at the end of the episode: the young Rosa Di Grazia came out in the final challenge against Deddy.

Lorella Cuccarini

Lorella Cuccarini

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