Friends, former teacher Maura Paparo: "The show is no longer the same"

Friends, former teacher Maura Paparo: "The show is no longer the same"

Maura Paparo, former teacher of "Amici", comments on the changes in the program after her farewell

Friends 2020, the contestants of the Maria De Filippi show

Maura Paparo, former Amici teacher, returns to talk about Maria De Filippi's show and how it has changed over the years. The choreographer is 53 years old today, she runs a dance school and leads a talent on 7Gold called The Coach. He maintained contact with many students of the program so much that he has been collaborating for some time with Agata Reale, a dancer much loved by the public.

Although years have passed, many remember her for her role in Amici's school, where she was a dance teacher alongside Alessandra Celentano. Interviewed by the weekly Visa, Maura commented on the changes in the new editions of Maria De Filippi's program, where Lorella Cuccarini stands out among the teachers. "At the time, in eight to nine months we were able to educate immature talents and cast them. Today the show has changed a lot, ”he confessed.

"The experience at Amici was overwhelming – he explained -. I can tell you that, from my point of view, teaching in a rehearsal room or in that school was the same thing. The camera behind the mirror wasn't there for me, I was just doing my job. The first time they put me behind a desk to take exams, I confess that I was shaking and sweating, while trying to keep an apparent calm. It was very emotional. […] The first years were exciting, of research, of building the student. It was certainly a program thought differently from the show now – he concluded -. It was a school that took on immature talents ”.

At the time, Maria De Filippi chose Maura Paparo impressed by her curriculum full of experiences also on TV, from La Do you know the latest? to Domenica In. “When I started taking real dance lessons I was about twelve years old – he recalled -. […] I studied with the Cecchetti method, I traveled to the Russian Ballet school. We also did modern, tip tap there. It was a sort of academy, where you studied a bit of everything. […] Much of my television career I did with Brian & Garrison. I was their pupil and a great friendship binds us ”.

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