Friends, Gerry Scotti special judge: a lesson in life and experience

Friends, Gerry Scotti special judge: a lesson in life and experience

Gerry Scotti made a wonderful surprise to the singers of Amici 2021: visibly moved, he told of his great love for music

In the Amici 2021 school, surprises never end and the one received in daytime by the singers was truly special. The hostess Maria De Filippi called the boys into the studio for a very important singing competition, and this is where the first surprise came: the video clip of her unreleased song, made in collaboration with Witty, is up for grabs for the winner.

But the singers could not have known that there was another big surprise around the corner. After a few moments of suspense (inevitable), De Filippi announced with a video who would be the judge: Gerry Scotti, one of the most loved television characters by audiences of all ages.

Seeing “Uncle Gerry” – as adults and children now affectionately call him – was a great blow for Aka7even, Deddy, Sangiovanni, Tancredi and Raffaele, who could not hold back the amazement and the great emotion. Something that impressed Scotti himself, who was not present in the studio but connected in streaming from home: "I was struck by your affection, your amazement. (…) You managed with your youth and your smile to make me move. (…) I really enjoyed seeing your shocked faces, ”he told the contestants of the talent, with genuinely shining eyes.

Then, as is his style, he wasted no time in snatching a smile from him with his irony: "The good news is your affection for me, the bad news is that whoever loses today comes to the 'Scotti stable' of Tu yes que vales. And I guarantee you stellar earnings, as soon as the village festivals reopen ”.

A daytime full of emotions, but moreover it could not be otherwise in the presence of such a professional, a milestone of the small screen that has accompanied and continues to accompany entire generations of viewers. Gerry Scotti has always stood out for his education, humility and professionalism, characteristics that he also showed in connection with the singers of Amici and his colleague – but above all friend – Maria De Filippi.

The presenter did not miss the opportunity to address words of affection and esteem for "Uncle Gerry", explaining to the boys that her career began at a very young age in the world of music. And it is at that point that Scotti retraced the memories of a lifetime, ever since he discovered his greatest passion at a very young age:

“My path, my training, which led me to do this job and to become Gerry Scotti was a basis of music. I fed on music in high school, doing my homework, I used music to be able to support myself at university by being a disk jockey. I thought I no longer had to deal with music, then instead I did the radio, in the true sense of the word. I built the most important radios in Italy and I'm very proud of this. And then in the early years of my television career there was always music to be my workmate. "

Gerry Scotti managed for a moment to make the boys forget the race, opening his heart with the authenticity that has always distinguished him. And precisely in the name of this, he let himself go to a viewer comment, complimenting all of them: "This year the boys are better than the other and I really have to tell you this from my heart. Good, good, good. This is the reason for the great success of Amici, because you are good ”.

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