Friends, Giulia reveals a background on the love for Sangiovanni

Giulia Stabile reveals a background on the love for Sangiovanni that would have been born before the adventure of "Amici"

Giulia Stabile: boyfriend, parents, TikTok and the victory at Amici 2021

Giulia Stabile reveals a background on love for Sangiovanni, revealing that she fell in love with the singer already during the casting of Maria De Filippi's show. The dancer confessed that she was bewitched by the artist during her auditions to enter the school.

“I had noticed it at the casting – he revealed -, the hat dropped but, from the mask you could see the eyes, beautiful, blue. During the castings I was ecstatic even just from being in there, but as soon as I saw it I centered myself, almost calmed down. I admire him very much and love him even more ”. Her dance teacher and director of the academy where she studied, Flaminia Buccellato, confessed that Giulia even secretly photographed Sangiovanni during the casting.

“When Giulia went to the casting, that is the very first auditions to pass to then enter the talent, she saw among the boys in line a pretty boy, soap and water, and photographed him – he confided to DiPiù -. Then he came to me and said: 'Flaminia, what do you think? Have you seen how cute it is? ' I was speechless – he added – because it was the first time that Giulia had talked to me about a guy she liked… She never had a boyfriend, she never got a crush. So I looked at the photo and said: 'Not bad, it's really cute'. Then when she entered the school and I started watching the program, I realized that that boy too had joined the cast and was Sangiovanni ”.

Giulia triumphed in the 2021 edition of Amici, challenging Sangiovanni in the final. The two waited for the verdict holding hands and demonstrating, once again, how strong the feeling that unites them is. If after the end of the talent Deddy and Rosa said goodbye, the singer and the dancer continued to date and today they are happier than ever. After the show, Martina Miliddi, previously linked to Aka7even, also found love. In fact, the dancer has revealed that she has fallen in love with Raffaele Renda, former competitor and singer of Amici.

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