Friends, love reigns supreme: all the beautiful couples born


At Amici 2021 Maria De Filippi has managed to create more couples than in her dedicated format "Men & Women". Let's see them all

Amici 2021, the Evening: judges, teams and guests

Amici 2021, regardless of the undoubted talent of the boys in singing and dancing (this year more evident than ever), Maria De Filippi has succeeded in the titanic enterprise of creating more couples than in her dedicated "Men & Women" format.

From Martina and Aka7even to Deddy and Rosa. From Sangiovanni and Giulia to Enula and Leo (in fieri) practically no one is left out. And above all, considering that many were formed even before the evening, to date they have reached and exceeded the record of those born in the aforementioned U&D, where instead some have already broken out.

Of course, forced coexistence in the house (GF teaches) helps the rapprochement and promiscuity, but it had never happened in any previous edition that love was so dominant and inspiring to Amici: second episode of the evening Giulia towards Sangiovanni with the choreography on “I broke into my heart”, singers who interpret love songs addressed to their muses (Lady sung by Sangiovanni towards Giulia herself).

But let's see them all in detail

  • Martina Miliddi and Aka7even. Twenty-year-old Sardinian dancer, he is a singer from Campania, their love was born after the Christmas holidays. A little fluctuating and quarreling, also due to the boy's jealousy of Raffaele, whom Martina had recently approached, it now seems to be going well. So much so that he, at risk of elimination during the second episode of the evening, told her in favor of cameras: "You are the most beautiful thing that has happened to me in here"
  • Rosa di Grazia dancer class 2000 of Santa Marinella and Deddy (Dennis Rizzi), 19 year old singer from Turin. The two got closer in February, after Rosa ended her affair with her Roman boyfriend Filippo.
  • Sangiovanni (Damian Giovanni Pietro), an 18-year-old rapper from Treviso and Giulia Stabile, a Roman dancer of the same age. After the Christmas holidays, Sangiovanni ended the relationship with his girlfriend Margherita, precisely because he realized he had fallen in love with Giulia. Sangiovanni and Giulia even have a fanbase that follows them, the “Sangiulia”.
  • Enula, a Milanese singer born in 1998 and the dancer Alessandro Cavallo, a dancer. In reality, the girl has not yet completely unbalanced, while he has never hidden his interest in her. Even if their story were to go through, Maria would have made a poker of hearts!
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