Friends, Maria De Filippi against Valentin: Carlo Conti speaks

Friends, Maria De Filippi returns and steals the show from Michelle Hunziker

Carlo Conti comments on the clash at Amici 2020 between Valentin and Maria De Filippi

Friends 2020, Valentin and Javier compared

Carlo Conti comments on the clash at Amici 2020 between Maria De Filippi and Valentin, the dancer who abandoned the transmission between the controversies. The host said he followed the fight that broke out in the third episode of the talent show and was very surprised by the behavior of the presenter.

The two led Sanremo together and have an excellent relationship. "I was watching, I was, as they say in Tuscany, crumbling, it would be changing channels from one side to the other – explained Conti to the weekly Chi -. I fell into this fight, in short, in this rinse always as they say in Tuscany, the headwash he was doing ". According to Carlo, the context, that is, a study without an audience, influenced De Filippi's behavior. “Evidently it was also the climate – he said -: that is, that silence in the study, nobody, etc. I don't know if with the normal atmosphere, the fast rhythms of the normal program with the public … maybe yes: he would have done the same ".

Conti then recalled Sanremo 2017 and the management teamed with Maria De Filippi which had proved to be a success. "I have never seen her like this – she confessed -, we did a Festival for which I will thank her forever because she trusted me. This was the most important thing for me, bringing such a colossus to my side, such an important woman in a Festival and hearing 'Go, I trust, tell me what we have to do', for me it was a great responsibility but also an injection of confidence that led us to make a nice Festival ".

In the meantime, the controversy over Valentin does not seem destined to die out. During the last episode of Amici 2020, Maria De Filippi clashed with Alessandra Celentano, a dance teacher who had attacked the jury of the show, made up of Vanessa Incontrada and Gabry Ponte. The dancer instead continues to launch arrows on Instagram, especially after the presenter was moved by the departure of Jacopo Ottonello.

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