Friends, Maria De Filippi inaugurates the 20th year of school: who will be there

Maria De Filippi

Great news in the teaching staff of the most famous school of talent in Italy: Lorella Cuccarini and Arisa are enlisted

Saturday 14 November at 2.45 pm the return on Canale 5 of the school of Amici di Maria De Filippi is highly anticipated. We will finally get to know the roster of young talents who will make up this year's class, barring the challenges and eliminations to which the program has accustomed us over the years.

On time again this year, the 20th academic year of one of Mediaset's most loved and long-lived talent shows begins. Despite the ongoing health emergency, Amici found a way to go on the air respecting all protocols in terms of safety.

There are great news awaited for this edition, starting with the professors who are entrusted with the task of forging the class of singers and dancers chosen for this school year.

As for dancing, alongside veterans Alessandra Celentano and Veronica Peparini, there will be a new entry ready to make sparks: Lorella Cuccarini, who thus officially returns to Mediaset networks and above all to her great love, dance. Multifaceted artist, Lorella is presenter, dancer, singer and unforgettable showgirl of some of the most famous television programs in our country. After the stormy farewell to the Rai networks, the "most loved by Italians" celebrates 35 years of career and returns to TV in her natural habitat as a dance teacher.

As for singing, alongside Rudy Zerbi and Anna Pettinelli, one of the most loved Italian voices enters the team: Arisa, winner of two Sanremo Festivals, the first in 2009 in the competition for new proposals, the second in 2014 in the Big category, confirming his great musical talent. Beloved face of the singing festival, Arisa in 2015 was also presenter of the kermesse alongside Carlo Conti, who had wanted her on stage as a female presence together with Emma and Rocio Munoz Morales.

Amici's TV programming remains confirmed for the Saturday afternoon special on Canale 5 which will be conducted as always by Maria De Filippi, while on Italia 1 from Monday to Friday there will be a daily strip from 19:00, which will show the engaged students in the study of disciplines, and will tell about their life as students of the most famous school of talent in Italy.

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