Friends, Maria Zaffino reveals how much (and how) talent has changed over time

Maria Zaffino

Maria Zaffino spoke to Amici about her experience, noting how much the program has changed over the years

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In an interview with Fanpage, Maria Zaffino spoke about her experience to Amici, also revealing how the talent show has changed over time. The former dancer of the program is one of the most loved faces: many still remember her with great affection. Naturally, Zaffino could only say beautiful words for a job that has given her so much and that has made her grow over time.

“Wonderful years, from when I entered to when I left. I have a really nice memory of it. I loved the work I did so much, both as an assistant and as a professional dancer ", he stressed the importance of the talent show in her life, of what it represented for her. A huge path of potential growth, which has never run out, given the support of the fans, as she admitted herself.

“I also loved my audience very much, who continue to follow me even outside the cameras: it means that I have left something”. He did not fail to also mention De Filippi, admitting however that their paths have divided and that he has never visited her anymore. With other professors or professionals, however, Zaffino had the opportunity to meet again. "With some people I still feel and we are connected".

Regarding the present, Zaffino admitted that she still follows Amici. "I am fond of the program and there are people that I really like". One of the names of the heart? Alessandra Celentano. From his interview, however, it also emerged how and how much the program has changed over the years. From a simple talent, we have come to a huge show.

“Yes, it is useless to go around it, the program has changed a lot. Before, the air was simpler, the boys were calmer and soap and water ". The success of Amici, over time, has grown hand in hand with ever new and original implications, to offer the public a renewed formula. Zaffino said that before the students did everything: the singers danced and acted, the dancers had to sing and act.

“It was more stimulating for us too”. The background revealed by Zaffino, in the end, is not entirely new to us: today's needs are aimed at a more animated and dynamic show, able to offer the viewer always new bets, breaking the mold and balances. Even the kids appear different from the first editions: as is normal, time goes on and generations evolve, adapting to modernity.

Going forward, Zaffino, who recently announced that she will soon become a grandmother, admitted that if Maria were to call her back, she would be back on the show right away. “I would never say no: it was a beautiful job, Maria believed in me. If they called me as a judge, I would go. As a teacher, no, I have a sensitive nature. I see and appreciate the sacrifice of the boys ”.

Amici 20 was won by the wonderful Giulia Stabile. Who knows, one day, we won't see another great dancer, Zaffino, collaborating with Giulia, and right within the talent show. Never say never, nothing is impossible when the mechanisms of De Filippi are set in motion!

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