Friends, Michele Merlo could have saved himself: his father’s outburst

Michele Merlo

From the report emerge new details on the last weeks of the singer’s life: the first symptoms, the ignored emails and the rushes to the emergency room

More than five months after his death, new details emerge on the tragic story of Michele Merlo. Or rather, on the last weeks of the young man’s life, those during which, if the right diagnosis had arrived, he could have saved himself.

This is what emerges from the report of the two doctors who are collaborating in the investigation for manslaughter opened by the Bologna prosecutor’s office and recently transferred to the magistrates of Vicenza. From those pages emerges a hypothesis that hurts: if the diagnosis had arrived in time, when he showed the first symptoms, and the therapy had been administered immediately, Michele “would have had a probability of survival between 79 and 87 percent “.

Michele Merlo: the emails, the strange bruises and the wrong diagnosis

From the report we learn that Michele Merlo began to show the first symptoms exactly one month before death: they are strange bruises on the shoulder and arm. Bruising that will increase in the following days both in size and in the appearance in other parts of the body. To scare him in particular is a huge bruise on his thigh that appears days later, to the point that the former competitor of Amici and X Factor writes an email to his doctor attaching a photo. However, an assistant replied that “the use of the e-mail is solely for the request of chronic therapy. For any other reason, call the answering machine. We also ask you not to send photos ”. It is May 26th.

So Michele goes to the emergency room, where he is assigned a white code and after three hours of waiting he decides to go away and try again with the general practitioner, this time in person: “For the diagnosis I relied on what he himself said : he said he took a few blows while moving. He was being treated with anti-inflammatories and an ointment and I recommended that he come back to me within 3-5 days, but I never saw him again. I trusted his words, frankly I think I did my job well but not a day goes by that I don’t think about him… ”, says his doctor.

The diagnosis comes when it is too late and when the symptoms have already increased for days. However, not before another wrong diagnosis is made (tonsillitis) and a sore throat, fever, headache and “mucous bleeding in the oral cavity” have appeared.

On the evening of June 3, while he is with his girlfriend Luna, “he begins to vomit, loses consciousness and develops convulsions”. The ambulance takes him to the Ospedale Maggiore in Bologna, which is already unconscious, and at dawn on 4 June the blood tests are done which will lead to the definitive diagnosis: fulminant leukemia. But it’s too late now.

Could Michele Merlo have been saved? The father’s outburst

“I’m not looking for revenge, but answers. It is clear that no one has understood the symptoms, now I would like to know if there are any responsible… “. This is the first comment of Michele Merlo’s father after the publication of the report.

On the pages of the Corriere del Veneto Domenico Merlo relives those last weeks of his son’s life, precious days, time that was unnecessarily lost and that could have changed the end of this sad story.

“My son’s drama shows that the entire health sector can show flaws,” he says, referring to the rebounds between primary care and emergency room. “You can’t get a hematoma of that size by bumping into a piece of furniture during a move, at least you should have been hit by a car… Let’s be clear: that’s one of the best general practitioners we have. But even the best, if they are overworked, risk not having the time and clarity to identify the best path “.

Then the final outburst: “Michele was a bit of a hypochondriac and as soon as he felt ill he ran to be examined. This is why I do not exclude that he may have turned to a private specialist already around the middle of May. Unfortunately, unless it spontaneously comes out of the closet, I’m afraid we’ll never know. However, I don’t think my son underestimated the symptoms, rather he didn’t find someone willing to listen to him and take the time. These things shouldn’t happen ”.

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