Friends of Maria De Filippi 2021: spoiler on the jury of the evening

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A few hours after the first evening episode of "Amici 2021" was broadcast, the names of the three external judges came out. And one is already talking a lot

Amici 2021, the dancers and singers admitted to the evening

Now very little is missing from the first evening episode of Amici 2021 – which airs on Saturday 20 March – and the fans are literally in fibrillation. And how to blame him, after all? After the official announcement by Maria De Filippi on the news for the students and the previews of the first guests and judges, other "goodies" have emerged that are causing a lot of discussion on social networks, where the talent is very popular.

The super-spoiler comes from the pages of Tv Blog, which first of all confirmed the rumors about a very welcome (and hoped for) return to the studios of Amici di Maria De Filippi. According to the anticipations, the external jury will be composed of three male characters, among which Stefano De Martino stands out. The dancer and ex-husband of Belen Rodriguez, acclaimed host of Tonight Everything is Possible on Rai 2, apparently is preparing to return to where it all began.

But the surprises for talent show fans don't end there. If Stefano De Martino returns to his television “home” after having participated in it in 2009 (it was the ninth edition), to tread the stage of Amici again, according to the previews of Tv Blog, it will also be Stash, the frontman of The Kolors. The singer won the 2015 edition of the talent together with his band, then returned to Amici as a singing teacher alongside Rudy Zerbi and Anna Pettinelli. In this new role as a judge he will certainly give fans a lot of satisfaction.

After two old friends of Amici, Maria De Filippi apparently decided to surprise everyone with a real master stroke. The third member of the jury is a name known to the general public but really unexpected: to complete the shortlist of external judges would be Emanuele Filiberto Di Savoia. The name made the rounds of social media in no time, triggering the reactions of fans of the talent.

Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia, who recently returned to the pages of newspapers due to some statements relating to his family (of former kings), would be a real novelty as a judge at Amici 2021. The prince (at least on paper) has already worked on TV on several occasions, participating in programs such as Quelli che il calcio, Il ballo delle debutante and even in an edition of Dancing with the stars as a dancer. We also saw him on the Island of the Famous, Tale and Which Show and in the meantime he also had time to participate in a Sanremo Festival.

The prince got to know the world of Amici up close in the 2019 edition of Amici Celebrities, where, among other things, he reached the semifinals. That Maria De Filippi has seen us for a long time?

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