Friends: The Strego is the first student admitted to the evening

Friends: The Strego is the first student admitted to the evening

The Strego, aka Nicolas Burioni, is the first student admitted to the "Amici" evening

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The Witch is the first student admitted to the evening of "Friends", the transmission of Maria De Filippi in search of new talent. The singer, real name Nicolas Burioni, received the coveted green sweatshirt, after receiving the approval of the record producer Brando.

The Strego's road towards the evening began with the singing challenge against Rosario, of which he proposed the elimination, Serena and Mike Bird, in front of the judge Brando. The first race saw Lo Strego sing "The construction of a love" against Serena, who played "Thought Stupendous". After winning the challenge, Lo Strego clashed with Rosario. The singer wanted to propose his unpublished title "The Employee", while Rosario chose "Infinite times" by Lorenzo Fragola.

The last student to challenge was Mike Bird, who however, before acknowledging the value of his colleague, asked not to sing. Maria De Filippi appreciated the boy's attitude, but there was still a clash and the victory went to the Strego. "I am happy – he commented immediately after putting on the green sweatshirt of the evening of" Friends "-, after so many efforts it is a good goal, now I will finally be more relaxed".

Nothing to do instead for Andreas and Giulia. The two dancers both tried to enter the evening, but they failed. The first to perform was Giulia, who challenged three friends in the "Amici" school to enter the evening. The girl was stopped in her race by Vittoria, who was judged to be better in the performance by judge Luciano Cannito. Problems also for Andreas, who lost his job in the evening due to Garrison. The teacher in fact opposed his entry into the new phase of the program, despite the favorable opinion of all his colleagues and the public, who whistled and shouted "Out" against him in the studio.

Nothing to do even for Jade, who collected a lot of no after performing. At this point the spectators will have to wait for the next episode of Saturday afternoon to find out who will enter the evening. The second phase of the talent of Maria De Filippi will begin next March 25, but there is still mystery about the judges and the coaches of this new edition.

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