Friends, undisciplined Inder: Anna Pettinelli throws him out of school

Anna Pettinelli

Anna Pettinelli says she is disappointed by Inder’s unruly behavior and takes a drastic decision: she must immediately drop out of school

Discipline is put in the first place within the Amici school and, in recent days, it has become evident. Several times Maria De Filippi intervened to recall the boys, who also received a disciplinary measure and the scolding of the professors. While some have understood the mistake, others have not changed their attitude. This is the case of Inder, who suffered the heaviest consequence due to Anna Pettinelli’s decision.

Anna Pettinelli, the drastic decision on Inder

A very heavy red envelope, the one that was delivered inside the house where Amici’s students live. It was sent by Anna Pettinelli who said she was disappointed by one of her students, Inder, because of her behavior within the school.

Already in recent days, Pettinelli had intervened to give a warning to Inder, but he was not caught. The pupil, in fact, continued to get distracted, to prepare lessons and challenges superficially and to use the cell phone even when it was expressly forbidden. For this, the teacher said she was deeply embittered. And the decision couldn’t be harder than that: the singer immediately had to leave the talent show.

Needless to tell you how much you disappointed me and how much I felt made fun of for your behavior. […] I do not feel like representing you as a teacher, you are free to go home to the old life with the regret of not having understood this great opportunity.

Inder out of school: the pupils’ reaction

Anna Pettinelli, thus, invited Inder to say goodbye to all his friends and to drop out of school. A choice that left the boy speechless and upset. For him, however, there is no longer any chance of making up for the mistake. The other students were also stunned, who, despite recognizing his mistakes and the inappropriate behavior he adopted, supported Inder and helped him pack his suitcase, encouraging him to fight to make his dreams come true.

The choice of Pettinelli, however, is a warning for them too: if entering the talent show was not at all easy, staying will also be difficult. It takes commitment, perseverance, talent, discipline and the desire to go all the way. If not, there will always be someone ready to take their place.

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