Frizzi- Dalla Chiesa: the ex-spouses get back together …

The couple gathered but only on TV for the Posta del Cuore, 20 episodes broadcast on Rai1 from June 15. "No embarrassment, a great affection remained with Rita"

Finished VIP loves: couples burst

The ex-spouses Fabrizio Frizzi and Rita dalla Chiesa (married from 1992 to 1998) return together. Only on TV, to conduct an afternoon program. It's called La posta del cuore and will be broadcast on Rai 1 for 20 episodes starting from June 15th, from Monday to Friday. Protagonists are people who explain their difficult situation in front of the cameras to get advice from the public and the experts in the studio, who will confront each other in a debate on the case. Many themes were addressed not only in love but also in everyday life.

Fabrizio Frizzi explains how it was to find the ex-wife: "No embarrassment with Rita has always remained a great affection. But we will be very professional. "

The two of them, then, had already worked together: “In the children's program 'Bread and jam' I was 22 years old in 1985. Then an episode of For All Life, in 1998 that I conducted with Romina, who had to leave, the strange thing and that the program was called so but it did not bring that title so well. A few months later, Rita and I broke up. Following the farewell between Al Bano and Romina. But life always holds surprises. Now they are back to singing together to tour after all they have gone through. "

Great return on TV for Rita Dalla Chiesa who, since she left the conduction of Forum in 2013, and the never consummated marriage with La7 from Urbano Cairo, has only been seen on TV as a guest.

I thank Rai for giving me this opportunity and Fabrizio. There had been possibilities that then didn't go through. I am really happy, because I feel that I still have a lot to give on TV. People confess to me, I also make the stones speak, if I take a taxi, the driver begins to tell me all his problems, people on the street, at the supermarket. A little bit what I will do in this program.

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