From Cher to Rita Ora, a shower of stars in the new Pirelli 2022 Calendar

From Cher to Rita Ora, a shower of stars in the new Pirelli 2022 Calendar

The 2022 Pirelli Calendar, created by legendary rocker Bryan Adams, is a splendid journey into the life of the greats of music

It has all the air of an old vinyl that can’t be more vintage. It is almost like breathing music through the pages of the new Pirelli 2022 Calendar, presented on November 29th and which has already been around the world. Because the creator, the historic rocker Bryan Adams, has created a work that goes beyond simple glamor, taking us on an extraordinary journey through images that immerse us in the days of those who have made music their reason for living.

Pirelli 2022 calendar, a journey into music

With its elegant vinyl-shaped case, the Pirelli 2022 Calendar has the air of a prized collector’s item. And it is appropriate to say that there could not have been a more apt concept for the idea of ​​Bryan Adams. The legendary rocker (who should have made the previous edition), has given life to a project to which he feels very attached, involving fellow musicians among the most important in the world and above all by telling us a story.

On the Road marks the typical day of a musician hour after hour, busy with a thousand commitments and shifts between one concert and another. A life in stages, a gigantic tour starring true superstars such as Cher, Iggy Pop, Rita Ora, Jennifer Hudson and Bryan Adams himself, the first photographer of the Pirelli Calendar to appear among his own shots.

From the beginning, Bryan Adams has tried to capture not only that “sense of glamor” that is typical of historic calendars, but also that sense of loneliness that really permeates the lives of artists, those who live in a continuous wandering on the street. , precisely. But to this is added that pinch of imagination and flair that makes everything even more captivating and fascinating.

From Cher to Rita Ora, a shower of stars

In addition to the indisputable beauty of the photographs taken by Bryan Adams, what is striking about the new Pirelli 2022 Calendar is the union of several generations of musicians. All and all great icons of music that span several decades and the most disparate genres, from pop to rock to rap and more commercial music. Nobody is missing and everyone, from the very young to the nostalgic, can unite in a great universal embrace, in the name of music.

The Pirelli 2022 Calendar is wonderful right from the covers. The front one sees a splendid portrait of St. Vincent, aka Annie Clark, posing with a Pirelli-branded pick on the tongue, while on the back cover there is none other than Iggy Pop, the immortal rocker and frontman of The Stooges with the torso painted silver, in reference to a famous look he wore in the seventies.

Pirelli 2022 Saweetie Calendar

Saweetie in the Pirelli 2022 Calendar

Each month of the calendar features a different time slot, so leafing through it is a real journey into the typical day of the big stars. January starts at 7:45 am with the moody still-lives and exteriors of the legendary Hotel Chateau Marmont in Hollywood, then February continues inside one of the hotel rooms with St. Vincent looking out a window. Then at 10:40 (March) the singer-songwriter Kali Uchis enjoys a moment of relaxation in the pool wrapped in a splendid emerald dress, while at 11.38 (April) the beautiful American rapper Saweetie pushes a trolley full of suitcases.

Cher in the Pirelli 2022 Calendar

Cher in the Pirelli 2022 Calendar

In May, the day continues with Cher walking backstage at 2:43 pm, looking as beautiful as ever in front of a mirror in an empty dressing room at the Palace Theater in Los Angeles. Then the R&B artist Normani is the protagonist of June (3:28 pm), while resting on the bus before the soundcheck. In July it is 6:25 pm and Jennifer Hudson is arriving at the club in her limo, before taking a look at the stage and looking through the curtains at the empty auditorium, then sitting in her dressing room surrounded by flowers. Continuing we arrive in August with Iggy Pop in the backstage one hour before the show time, while posing topless.

In the pages of September it is 00:12 and the Canadian singer-songwriter and producer Grimes poses in a futuristic dress with pink hair in the midst of giant computers, then in October we arrive at 01:42 with rapper Bohan Phoenix who returns to the hotel . At the end of the show, in November (03.02) we see the fantastic Rita Ora who regenerates herself in the bathtub while in December, finally, Bryan Adams arrives who closes the On the Road journey of the Pirelli 2022 Calendar with his guitar, ready to a new concert.

Rita Ora in the Pirelli 2022 Calendar

Rita Ora in the Pirelli 2022 Calendar

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