From microwave magnets, fake news about cancer

From microwave magnets, fake news about cancer

On the social networks false news about tumors is on the rise, Women For Oncology, the network of Italian oncologists, launches the alarm invites institutions to intervene.

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On the web, but also in speeches between people, we often hear reports of tumors, many of which are not true. What to do to stop this rampant and dangerous disinformation?

There are those who consider the magnets that stick to the carcinogenic fridge, those who accuse microwaves of being dangerous, those who claim that chemotherapy is not needed and so on, there are many news circulating on a delicate and current topic like that of cancer. For this reason, Women For Oncology, the network of Italian oncologists, has decided to highlight how the spread of wrong information is highly risky. Misinformation is in fact a problem that should not be underestimated since many patients collect information on the internet about their illness, sometimes even giving credit to sources that are anything but verified and authoritative, endangering their health.

The proposal of Women For Oncology is that oncology, politics and media make a team to promote correct information and to warn against fake news. Among the initiatives that go in this direction is the official request to the institutions to take the field against unfounded news. For its part, Women for Oncology has always been committed to the formation of its associates so that they are prepared and able to hold even the most responsible positions, such as those who are responsible for becoming primary.

The problem of fake news has taken on a worrying extent precisely because of the social networks where untruthful news can be very read by many people, posted, shared and become viral without anyone having verified its correctness.

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