From white zone to yellow zone: what changes and what restrictions come into effect

The rapid spread of the Delta variant risks making Italy (again) change color: everything you need to know about the restrictions that come into force

With the rapid spread of the Delta variant of the Coronavirus, a series of new restrictions are needed in order to contain the contagion. According to forecasts, the new Sars-CoV-2 strain could become predominant, which is why it is essential to act in advance to block its impact.

The tightening of the rules and restrictions is therefore one of the possible and viable ways for the government, which could lead to the return to the yellow zone of the regions with the greatest risk of contagion. The obligation to wear an outdoor mask could also return, abolished from 28 June 2021.

The relaxation of the restrictions was determined by the Decree Law of 22 April 2021, n. 52, also known as the Reopening Decree. After the white area, the yellow one is the lowest risk, determined on the basis of the spread of the infection and other parameters.

Yellow zone: the requirements

With the overcoming of the Rt index, the Bis Reopening Decree revises the criteria for the application of colors to the Regions. In article 13, it is possible to know all the decisive conditions for establishing the yellow zone.

  • The weekly incidence of infections is equal to or greater than 50 and less than 150 cases per 100,000 inhabitants;
  • The weekly incidence of cases is equal to or greater than 150 and less than 250 cases per 100,000 inhabitants if one of the following two conditions occurs: the occupancy rate of beds in the medical area for COVID-19 patients is equal to or less than 30 percent; the ICU bed occupancy rate for COVID-19 patients is 20 percent or less.

Yellow zone: movements

Movements between Regions and Autonomous Provinces are allowed, as long as they are in the white or yellow zone. Furthermore, it is possible to move only once a day and with 4 people at a time. The bill does not include minor children and self-sufficient persons.

Yellow zone: curfew and masks

The curfew remains abolished even with the return of the yellow zone, as it is no longer in force since 21 June 2021. The obligation to wear a mask outdoors, well fitted and not under the nose, returns, instead, to protect others from risk of contagion. Stopping the use of protective devices is in fact only valid for the white area.

From white area to yellow area: bars, restaurants and shops

In the yellow zone, it is possible to consume both inside and outside the premises, albeit with restrictions. The number remains fixed at 4 diners, while in the white area there are no limits for outdoor tables, with 6 seats allowed indoors.

For shops, there are no restrictions, except for the rules on spacing and masks, which must be worn on all occasions.

Museums, shows, fairs and ceremonies in the yellow zone

All performances in theatrical halls, concert halls, cinemas, live clubs and other venues and outdoor spaces remain open to the public. The seats must be nominative and, moreover, must be able to guarantee the spacing of at least one meter.

The maximum number of spectators cannot exceed 1000 spectators outdoors and 500 indoors, established for each single room. The protocol also follows fairs, parties and receptions following civil or religious ceremonies, theme and amusement parks, social centers, amusement arcades, betting rooms, bingo halls and casinos.

Yellow zone, what changes for sports and sports competitions

According to the guidelines in force, any sporting activity outdoors is allowed, including team and contact activities. The outdoor and indoor swimming pools and those inside the gyms are also open. Spas, swimming centers and wellness centers are also accessible. Sports competitions can have the public, according to the same protocol.

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